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To shave or not to shave? (The man the head)

the Opening close to revelation, for me was what men have gloomy complex from - for the thinning hairdress. The desire to have magnificent, silky, obedient and volume vegetation on the head pursues, it appears, not only one women. And the bitterness of many men from emergence of a bald spot is comparable unless with female bitterness from emergence of new tsellyulitny sites to Admit to

honestly, I never turned attention to any bald patches on the male heads until seriously the person close to me and outright depressed by promptly bared makushechny area started talking about it.

The problem seemed to me ridiculous. Men Inconcrete can always turn the Bald patch into the Bald head Absolute. (Feel a preogromny difference!) And male advantage is obvious here as the growing bald woman will not always decide on so, apparently, a simple and effective step. But even among men to such radical decision not all therefore there is a sense are ready to consider pluses and minuses notorious heads barefoot .

Unconditional plus as it was already told, the bald patch lost on the general shaven background is. But there are obvious any scars, vmyatinka and cranial roughnesses (if is) which are unambiguously of interest to a frenolog, but not always improving an exterior.

To to pluses it is possible to carry fairly decreasing consumption of shampoos and styling sprays. Though it is necessary to monitor emergence of dandruff all the same as it can be present not only on the shaggy head. Eventually, both the shaggy, and bald heads, being dirty, are equally inadmissible in decent society.

In the hot summer the head which is not burdened by indumentum is just rescue. The breeze sliding on its surface impacts to life thoughtless and pleasant relish. Another matter - the same head in the winter. Being badly hidden, it is is pimply - a bluish subject which wants to be pounded snow or alcohol.

Ideally bald head is, naturally, a special sign. To make it the business card quite really. Features become more expressive, the forehead visually increases. To to minuses let`s carry that even the easy lopoukhost looks hyper and front asymmetry becomes aggravated in the most superlative degree.

To small and doubtful to pluses let`s rank opportunities: a) to do a tattoo; b) to give a ride for the in crowd of nonconformists; c) to become soul of a corporate party, having put on a snezhinkina a crown, a pink bow on an elastic band or the Viking`s cap with horns and braids

Respectively, small and not really actual minuses let`s consider risks: a) not to be pleasant at first sight; b) to cause a bad associative array in the foes and to provoke them to inventing of a disgusting nickname; c) to make a patch of light in the group photo of the labor collective.

As for occurred bald sex - symbols, along with Fedor Bondarchuk, Gosha Kutsenko and Alexander Rosenbaum, for some reason loomed and not absolutely sex but too symbols like Koshchey and Fantomas

the Conclusion which sums up all pluses and minuses is based on HOW most to treat the phenomenon. It is possible to be bald as the grandfather`s knee, and is possible as Vin Diesel. It is possible it is gloomy to grow bald and it is possible to be subject to an alopetion .

Bald devil too it is possible to become both fervent, and disgusting. It is possible to stop in general on neutral definition the man without excesses

Eventually, loss of sense of humour in comparison with loss of hair looks really the tragedy so to be upset on trifles - is not necessary!