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Why the turnip was pulled the whole world?

To what simple national fairy tales are multiple-valued! We already spoke about Ryabu`s Chicken.

And today we will re-read Turnip having addressed ancient traditions. It from olden days appeared in folk art. About expression more simply than the soared " turnip; You, of course, know. And proverbs were heard?

Krugla maid as turnip. (Or: it is good (maid) as the washed turnip!) . the Round maiden was laskatelno named just Repushka. Or: On a back not turnip is seit. Though you the mother - sing a turnip (it is about the obscene song).

And riddles? (I will throw)

of Shibu shibky, will grow an oaklet, a zaoleshnichok.

To the earth of a crumb, from the earth of flat cake.

Under an oaklet, under karandyshky, neither a ball, nor a stone.

a ball, and a tail under.

From above is green, in the middle thickly, is thin in the end. Krugl`s

and not maid: with a tail, to Dana a mouse.

On a folk custom when at the child the milk tooth dropped out, it needed to throw it for an oven, sentencing: Mouse, mouse! On you tooth repyany, and give me iron!

Interestingly: two characters of the well-known fairy tale - and that which served as the name, and that which appeared the last appear in this ceremony, but played crucial role !

And you do not find that they something are similar? Lake. Suleymenov in Az and Ya noticed that Slavic priests of the letter and language had a badge... repen (turnip), tuber having a tail it was also connected with the sun. So a turnip - a solar (solar) symbol, and a mouse, too round, and too with a tail - absolutely on the contrary, the representative of the underground world.

And in this quality the turnip can mean the world or a task, difficult, important for life. The grandma with the child - ancestors which, not in forces to solve her, call the granddaughter. Here the idea of connection between generations, whether so is easily guessed?

But it appears insufficiently, and on help call at first to the Bug, then the Cat, and, at last, the Mouse. In this animalistic Trinity the tradition of the three-unit universe is presented.

The top world the dog (or a wolf) symbolizes, the companion of heavenly gods. If in ancient myths (the Cerberus, Anubis) is a guard of a next world, then peasants in Russia have a wolf till 19th century. it was esteemed as a faithful dog of the Saint Georgy sent to sinners in punishment.

And at people of the world the dog contacted the natural phenomena (with a lightning, a rain), ability to see spirits, to warn owners about danger, to feel approach of natural cataclysms, to predict epidemics was attributed to them.

The cat is connected with the terrestrial world, with the house. In many mythological traditions it contacts the moon, fertility. But in some cultures is also a solar symbol of royalty. E. Blavatskaya noted:

Egyptians represented the moon as a cat. The moon was a contemplator in night heaven, and the cat was her equivalent on the earth; and, thus, the ordinary cat was accepted as expression, as a natural emblem and live reproduction of the moon. The sun looking down in an underworld during night, could be also called a cat as it also was because it saw in darkness " too;.

I it is not casual in To the book of the dead god of the sun of Ra acts as great cat .

It is possible to add still that the machismo traditionally was followed by image of a dog, and female - cats: The Man yes a dog outside, the woman yes a cat in a log hut .

the Mouse as it was already told - the representative of the underground world. Saying the mountain gave birth to a mouse just it is also connected with its htonichesky nature.

In the Greek myths Zeus - the Thunderer turns the children into mice, rats and moles. Besides, in ancient myths of a mouse were on a silver platter. It gave a basis for a medieval belief that the mouse was born from a thunder and a thunder-storm. (And a dog - you remember? - contacted a lightning and a rain).

So, in the unpretentious text The Old man for a turnip, the grandma for the old man concluded an appeal to the union of generations with world forces - heavenly, terrestrial and underground. And then it is possible to solve any, even seeming impracticable, a task. To put it briefly: force in unity!

At desire this formula addresses in graphics of a cross, sacred symbol of many people regardless of the religion accepted at them: a horizontal - generations (at the left - ancestors, on the right - descendants), a vertical - trinity of the world.

Good luck and pleasure!