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What for game - Encounter, or Bothered gray everyday life?

Midnight. Full moon. Complete silence. The shadow from a high monument falls on a pavement. The group of people in a mad rush searches for something in the dark:

- It is armed with torpedoes. We on the place! But we have not enough time.

- is Not enough to manage to find the second, with a sword therefore we need a code!

It is not the next section from Dan Brown`s novel Da Vinci Code . It arose earlier. Energy, independence, spirit, adrenaline, confidence, patience, unity and reason!

Game was born in Minsk in 2001, her author is 21 - summer Ivan Maslyukov who invented it under impression of the movie with Michael Douglas Game . Anastasius Teleshev`s

gave the name - Encounter that in translation into great mighty language means Fight .

Game quickly extended almost worldwide (its analogs of " steel; [Night] Patrol Quest Game Mad ) with a sound speed, of course, speed - one of qualities to which game of participants teaches. With the same speed game from virtual reality passed into life, from the first game which was provided to be virtual, only in the last (tenth) task it was necessary to come off the monitor towards to the real extreme, real game which beats off firm steps on a pavement in search of a code. You look for it there, in the night boulevard because Enkaunter - game which it is close on the Internet .

Game only at first sight: You prepare for each game, as for war because each level - fight of reason . It is game which lives in your reality (yes, not you live in game, namely it in you, lighting a spark in eyes and intercepting breath), but gradually tightens eccentricity to the world. Because the person finds in him himself.

May you imagine such extreme carrying out Saturday night? In time when the correct citizens sleep in embraces with a pillow, and others just sleep. To take part in game, to you, first of all, it is necessary to gather a team or to get to already existing team. At itself it is necessary to have: mind (2 cars, Internet access, mobile phones and small lamps - are necessary for mind of all team at the same time).

apply For more detailed information on the game website.

Motto of all players:

We like this world. He is full of impressions, experiences and feelings . you do not trust


Imagine such tasks for receiving a code:

Stierlitz looked at Marina. He did not know yet that in a few minutes there will arrive people, will put an ironing table and 9 real irons on it, and will begin to suggest passersby to vyutyuzhit their things with the poster The Team XXX will cheap wash and vyutyuzhit any your things .

It is a task it is directed to destruction of own psychological barriers. To make something that in ordinary life you would never decide to make. To perform a task, to find a way out.

Crew . On one of the squares you have to find a phone booth in the city of Odessa. On it there will be subsequent instructions. The word from which there is a name of the area consists of the master, the place for shooters and a name of the fan of absinthe liqueur.

Well as - you already guessed the name of the area?

I Want to warn you that Popov is a professional killer. It has a big collection - it made a hole in 100 foreheads, and I or you can become the following. Find its collection. Everything will tell 31 foreheads to you . needs to guess the name of the street Here.

Here first impression of the first game: Good mood, adrenaline, there is a wish to sleep, pleasant fatigue... And next day - feeling of exinanition from - for the fact that this adventure ended! - the student 4 - go a course of Polytechnical University Victor shared it. But Enkaunter - game in which people of all age take part!

A you? Forward! Learn what you cost!