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Why we need Punto Switcher?

Are in the world of the program so remarkable that if they were not - they would be thought up surely, That is - they were, is and will be. I also want to tell about one of them.

This program is called of Punto Switcher and is urged to facilitate our work on keyboard layout pattern switching.

It would seem, well what difficult here? Stuck with a mouse into a tray and chose one or the other: Russian or English. Or it is even simpler - pressed Alt - Shift. But...

Quite frequent situation (especially for those who do not own a blind method of the press) when having printed quite decent size the text and having raised the head from the keyboard we see that works are vain - we did not stick into a tray and did not press a simple combination of the Alt keys - Shift. Instead of the conceived text - a senseless set of letters in other apportion.

It is quite natural to feel in that case discontent - it is necessary to erase everything and to gather anew.

A if it was something new and ingenious? If it already left the head and all hope was on the typed text? Brrrr...

And so, Punto Switcher - that straws which can be spread in advance. He is able to define in what coding the word has to be typed and if the coding obviously wrong - it switches it.

Automatism - the main advantage of this program, but it and the main enemy. There is a set of controversial words and when everything is gathered correctly, and the program begins to switch - it irritates even more than if you make a mistake.

I think from - for this imperfections the program is not so distributed as could be. The user free of charge puts to himself Punto Switcher, burns on autoswitching of times, another also speaks: What... Well - shoo from my computer! . On it its acquaintance to the program comes to an end, leaving only unpleasant memoirs.

I a problem here not so much in the program, how many in the user. More precisely - in its ignorance of a secret of the program!

Yes. The program has a small secret . Also it consists here in what:

comfortably to use Punto Switcher`om - it needs to be switched off.

it Sounds funny, but so. You know how in a teapot - to use - inside there has to be an emptiness. A monolithic teapot - a thing original, but useless.

The program very simply is switched off: after installation we stick with the right button into its badge in a tray and it is chosen To Switch off . The badge becomes gray, automatic equipment is switched-off, all other functions continue to work with HO, ! it is a lot of

A of useful functions at the program:

the Main: switching of an apportion. Punto Switcher completely replaces the standard switch (the old blue badge can be deleted safely).

Switching of an apportion of the last typed word (the Break key ).

Example : gathered Tsshtvshchtsa saw, shook the head, pressed of Break and gathered turned in Windows .

Switching of an apportion of the selected text (a combination of Shift - Break ).

Example : gathered Dfcz Gegrby - xtkjdtr - ktutylf saw, smiled, allocated, pressed of Shift - Break and received: Vasya Pupkin is the person - a legend .

Switching of the register of the chosen text (a combination of Alt - Break ).

Example : gathered CPSU - a set of breath consonants saw, understood that are wrong, allocated CPSU pressed of Alt - Break and received: CPSU - a set of breath consonants .

the Transliteration of the selected text (a combination of Alt - Scroll Lock ).

Example : You needed to gather the name and a surname Latin letters (for example for registration on the foreign website), but you do not know how. You take them in Russian, for example Ruslan Bogdanov you allocate and you press of Alt - Scroll Lock . At the exit it turns out: Ruslan Bogdanov . Quickly and conveniently. Only - sometimes it is necessary to edit slightly - to clean the apostrophe which replaced a hard sign, etc. of

the List of a fast insert (is caused by click the left button of a mouse on a badge in a tray ). It is possible to hammer all words and phrases ( the right button on the badge / List of a fast insert / to Edit the list ) which you often should enter from the keyboard into this list. For example logins, names of the websites, names of mailboxes, names and surnames, passwords (joke) and a lot of things still.

the list has a small shortcoming - new words are added to the end of the list and it is impossible to move them.

the Diary (it is conducted automatically if not to switch off). The thing is dangerous, but useful. Keeps in itself all phrases entered from the keyboard if they are longer than the number of words specified by you.

The diary can be useful, for example, if you typed the long text in a chat, and it did not go. Not to gather all over again simply you open the diary and you copy the text from there. If necessary on the diary it is possible to put the password that nobody read your confidential records.

All these functions are quite flexibly adjusted and if necessary - are turned off. So even if you do not accept a half of them, the second half is always glad to you to do a favor.

Also the program has sound reference which answers practically all arising questions. And eventually, to learn to use Punto Switcher as creators conceived, is not more difficult too at all, than to master any game.

Here such useful program exists - saves time and nerves if it is correct to switch off it