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Where there are richest deposits on our planet?

Ya I can foresee your answer and in the imagination to see how you as if the school student, jump from - for school desks and quickly you issue all most right information from the textbook: Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait - the biggest oil pools in the world, South Africa - the richest country in the world on gold and diamonds, the former Soviet Union - the biggest deposits of uranium ores .

Everything, everything, all is enough! To you five! Well done! - it is pleased the very young teacher would exclaim, sincerely being surprised to such knowledge of the ward. If you saw yourself as this pupil, then I do not envy you. Moreover, I will tell that you do not know a subject, so, the two is on friendly terms with you.

And you want to learn the correct answer? I will not weigh you, I will tell only that my answer will strongly surprise you. Here it.

The richest deposits of our planet are on a cemetery!

Yes! You did not mishear, you perfectly read. Exactly there not achieved dream, unrealized ideas, not sung songs, unwritten books, unembodied plans underground are forever hidden To list further? Here in what the our tragedy!

We preserve huge potential well, just imagine for a cemetery. Where it is useful to nobody any more. Whether well not most big it is nonsense? You did not know about it? Or guessed, but nobody ever here so directly declared to you.

Tell how it is possible to feel safe, meeting on streets of the cities of people with the broken, lost lives which were gifted and talented graduates of schools until recently, and today got lost in drug addiction, alcoholism and aimless and empty life. In youth all of them had fantastic dreams, huge plans, noble desires.

Sadly, but the fact that the majority of us use only small part of the hidden opportunities and talents. But is even more sad because that the majority of us have no idea of that how many they in themselves carry unused potential!

Scientists found out that the person uses only 10% of the opportunities whereas 90% remain in us uninvolved. Statistics - a thing stubborn, companies to it you will not close.

One of the greatest tragedies of life is the death of unsolved and unused potential. Many men and women did not become great only from - for the fact that did not realize it, did not understand the nature and sense of the principle of potential.

The richness of potential is kept in you. Why I know it? Because I found in myself a set of the hidden talents and gifts and still I continue to find. If it turned out at me, and you do not consider yourself as the alien, then and you were also given many gifts and boundless opportunities for realization of your potential.

You it is much more of what was already reached! Seal it at yourself in a brain tightly!

In general, all people it is possible to divide into three groups. The first group includes that the few which do events, that is make history. The second consists of those which watch from outside the taking place events. And, at last, the third - the most numerous group, unfortunately, - includes those who do not know about what occurs around.

Each person - the creator of the fact or circumstance. It gives special coloring to that environment in which lives or as the chameleon changes the coloring depending on circumstances.

You surely belong to some of these groups. I would be madly glad if only not to the third. But despite result of this test, you have great chance to see the road, the niche in this life.

To tell the truth to see a little, it is vital to begin to move on it. Therefore I call you: Leave to

a familiar spot and risk to start on a difficult, but fascinating journey which will help you to learn a limit of your opportunities and to make a worthy contribution to our society!