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What do you know about men`s masks? Educational program. Part third

When masks fly. Are necessary to

or time, or - a suitable situation. IF you needed time, so you accepted the man together with his mask. Perhaps, believed, perhaps, pretended that believed. And then you gradually begin to see the present, but not presented to you face of your elect.

Masks fly when the man gets used to you. Gradually accepts thought that you from it will not get to anywhere. The initial period of the presentation passed successfully. You believed, you are won. If period grindings in it is interesting that the man constantly is in a state combat readiness period resting on monasteries it is characteristic the fact that he relaxes. Becomes by itself. And the mask which is not held now by the strained hand flies. You - are won. So he considers, and begins to forget to put on a mask sometimes. Also frightens you by the real face, and surprises immensely.

Also there are two options of succession of events. The first - you are terrified, seeing as crown prince and the most cultural of all cultural it begins to be expressed in your presence not absolutely acceptably. You stay in confusion, without knowing how to calm down the one who looked absolutely " few months ago; mild sheep and meek creature . You are struck with duplicity when at communication with your girlfriends the man looks absolute lucky but, it should turn out only behind a door of your apartment as it right there becomes unstuck, and begins to ache concerning the unfortunate life. Agree, option not too iridescent .

But there is also the second. You with pleasure notice suddenly that affected coldness of your elect is only affected that his cynicism disappears, only he sees your puppy that the man with severe character together with you laughs loudly over the comedy melodrama. You are discouraged by manner of the one who seemed to you " earlier; misogynist with ice look . You are moved to tears in the flowers and cards from the one who claimed a week ago that courtings is an excess wheel in the cart of the relations

Slaves to masks.

Unfortunate people One my acquaintance at a certain stage of the development conceived a liking for telling of jokes. And here, he learned several tens ridiculous stories, and sparkled with the wit in the companies. Then there was a following - my companion ceased to perceive differently as merry fellow and to a shower of the " company;. To it there was no rest neither on one birthday, nor at one party. Greeted it, smiling, and looked in eyes, expecting what such joke from now otmochit . The friend and itself was not glad to the " mask; impetuously - the cheerful person but bore this cross with honor. He and now if it is impossible to refuse some formal dinner party, pores on the Internet at the nights, trying to discover new jokes and merrily toasts

About women`s masks.

Well, femmes fatales Lolita`s innocent artful temptresses unfortunate students pure provincials strict business - ladies and innocent camomiles ? Your turn to unmask? Or - we will not be? All right To your honor, and to our chagrin, we, men, are bought on your tricks, perhaps, even much more more often than you - on ours. And your masks look in our eyes far more naturally, than ours - in yours.

Perhaps, matter in female intuition. Or in what clever, I emphasize - the clever woman always knows how to take that presents to it man, certain benefit? Judge for yourself. If the man with manners millionaire the woman will ask about a small favor whether it will be able to refuse to her? If favor actually small in the form of a knickknack or the invitation in theater - that hardly it will refuse. Because it would be contrary to its ideas of how the man has to look, type which it on pulled . On it, in principle, all benefits also come to an end. From my point of view. As I am not a woman. But I am sure for hundred percent that representatives allegedly weak a floor perfectly know how to dispose of the fact that the man - in a mask. I will repeat - clever women

the Whole world - theater

A we are actors. The most honest of the most honest all the same plays a role. What? The most honest of the most honest! We are also interesting to those that we play, sometimes changing masks, sometimes changing roles, sometimes arranging all plot of our terrestrial existence under the concrete role. Under the mask. The main thing, as well as in any game - not to play. Not to derive pleasure from the image, but to remember that you as the real actor, you can dump objectionable your beloved a mask, and turn from an ugly duckling in torn socks into a beautiful goose in an elegant suit. But it already wish not to you, dear women, and to your satellites. And to you I wish to live so that when the curtain in our theater falls, you and your satellites which skillfully played roles were called on a stage shouts " still more than once; bravo! and encore!