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What do you know about men`s masks? Educational program. Part second

What it without mask, yours macho ?

Whom are similar razbivatel of hearts actually?

we Will plunge into the past. Everything that happens to us, already occurred once. Remember school. Which of boys most of all liked to brag of the fact that at it girls there was already so much how many stars in the sky ? Which of your girlfriends gave to you advice how you should behave in a bed, absolutely senseless how subsequently it appeared, and the most stupid on the most essence? It were virgins and virgins, strangely enough.

These boys who in the childhood were trying on time a " mask; tempted go on life, more and more to it (to a mask) getting used. Actually, it is frequent behind such mask - deep uncertainty in itself, in the appearance, in the abilities. But many so get used to a role that look absolute heartbreakers experienced, self-assured and that you will not resist we Will calculate


it is the best of all for b to consult, certainly, about it at those, goodness knows. This way the most true, but also the most difficult. The matter is that razbivatel of hearts not such fool, to acquaint you with those who know which - that . Who can burst out laughing, uvidav with its pas with hands, and it is simple to burst - in a Homeric laughter, having heard its fairy tales about Frenchwomen and polygamy . Remember one rule - if the man extends to you about former erotic adventures - in 99% of cases he in a mask, and very much wants to seem actually without being . And one percent on the fact that he simply is not able to behave and is a boor. Choose that to liking remember

A now - studying at school about whose adventures you with surprise learned subsequently, without daring and to think of such people of similar? You remember the first reaction - Who??? Is that so!!! Can. And about such meek creatures It is necessary to tell separately and in more detail

Gentle meek creatures.

If to razbivatel of hearts such coloring of plumage on which, in their opinion, are flown " is simply necessary; females meek creatures bright feathers are hidden under a gray cloak of humility and tranquility. They are judicious, constrained, pronounce words by a low, equal voice. Behind this mask - a swirling of emotions and falls of desires of a miscellaneous, time of the most doubtful property. They know that to lasso the pleasant fallow deer, it is optional to them to throw her over a flexible neck of a lasso. It is possible to stretch it a delicacy on the opened palm, to talk by a soft voice, to scratch behind an ear. And the fallow deer itself will be given in a charge of the hunter. It is possible to arrive even more cunning. To show how you are weak, thereby having caused desire to help, to encourage in the woman. So dogs of breed a dachshund, having sprained a paw and having felt pity of the owner, begin to limp more and stronger, can even fall, having represented dying. And then - the successful fellow for a nose, also run away, disclosing everything cheerful bark around Masks at this category the most, perhaps, various. Here we see and half-starved student and thrown by the girlfriend and misunderstood world and other-wordly artist and the boy with the heavy childhood and the mnogiya, a mnogiya others

Without mask

Without mask it is a prudent, cunning hunter. The spider who is patiently expecting when the silly, kind fly comes to him to the aid out of pity and desire to warm peculiar to all women. And the fly, often, does not understand that and does not notice when she from the benefactor turns into food for a spider. And will eat without the rest! Also will fall off, full, and will expect with humility on worn-out face the following victim we Will calculate


If to the boy with the heavy childhood you are pleasant, but not your money if your inner world, but not only your fine body is interesting to it if it actually needs your help, and a suffering face - not a mask tense on purpose to catch in a web the next fly you will be able to understand it, you should behave only definitely. Namely - stop to feel sorry for him. On the next story about how life " is heavy; ask directly - and what he made in order that this life heavy and unfair for it became simpler?

I had one acquaintance. Eternally thrown by darlings . He told all the time about how with it the bride in the run-up to a wedding cruelly managed. And women felt sorry for him! And, being sorry, met it. But once little girl of nineteen years dipped it, having asked at all about that how many it is possible to be stung, and it would be not time to get it together and to begin to be something, how from the personality? Ah, what person looked out for a minute from - under a sad mask unfairly offended!

Winners on life.

Most likely - on the contrary. Why to winners of a " mask; winners ? They are successful and happy the luck, and do not need exposing the achievements on a public inspection. Having eyes - will see. Their progress says for themselves what is told. And here men who consider insufficiently much achieved themselves very often put on themselves a mask of the winner. Here supposedly I am what. You do not trust? And here you have a look on my gold ROLEX and listen about mine to business - progress!

There is a question - why it is necessary gold ROLEX to the person worth three thousand moving on the car - the age-mate of Great October revolution? And you ask about it at most successful businessman . What answers? Well, of course! This model of the car now madly rare, besides, it is going to buy the jeep for hundred thousand any day. On hunting to go give

A I to you now I will explain why to it these hours. Why to it boots for 500 dollars (and he to you by the way will sound the price), why to it a tie for hundred dollars to a suit of local factory (local - Chinese). He very much wants to look to the rich . He all out is ready to go that you believed in it. But start up phrases of type:

- Yes to me to spit on that how many it costs

- For me money - garbage

- I for hundred hryvnias and from a chair I will not get up

do not mislead you. You have to realize that the person whom money does not interest, tells about them much less (or in general - does not say and furthermore - with ladies), than the person having the serious problems connected with uncertainty in due presence at himself of a filthy lucre.

I have a familiar fellow by the name of Sasha. The fellow with great reserve, of course, but yet did not jump over a thirty-year boundary. And so Sasha constantly, in each conversation with women, to the place and out of place extends about imaginary wealth . Accidentally drops phrases about the transactions which are outlined any day darts glances at gilded o`clock (50 - ti a dollar fake Cartier ) . He tells that keeps chastity to the first million. Also says it with such person that, in his opinion, it has to become clear to the girl at once that Sasha long in monks does not intend to go. The friend goes on appointments driving the foreign car lent at the neighbor whereas every morning under ceremonial old kind Tavriya on whom it also goes every morning to native office where the office - the manager works in a position of

waits for him