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What do you know about men`s masks? Educational program. Part one of

Who is he at you? Gentle hare Vainglorious peacock Purposeful bulldozer ? What it? You noticed, your man after acquaintance how strongly changed after a while? And what it with your girlfriends, parents, with the colleagues? Did not pay attention? Also let you frequent transformations of your promised in " do not confuse; masked . Also let frequent changes of his face do not surprise. The person - that at it one. And here masks in a stock are available

the Underestimated male abilities.

Women are born actresses! How many time was necessary to hear to you similar? Sometimes - with the hidden sarcasm. Sometimes - with a respect shade. Sometimes - desperately, hopelessly - yes all of you are actresses!!! And - a fist on a table Yes. So it was moved. Women are actresses. And men - opened regular guys. That on mind, and in language. Cliche. Actually, the stronger sex is strong not only in a raising of weights, a pitiya of beer and an earning of ogromadny money (what ridiculous - that?), but also in transformation art. In acting skills. And Stanislavsky, having inclined the head, would say I Trust! if uvidat some actors for work

Why to them masks?

Well, it is a question simple. And for what Indian shamans of a mask put on? For work of due impression, of course!

Yura. 24 years. My neighbor. Goal as falcon. It is silly as a woodpecker (woodpeckers, do not take offense!) . In fact, has even no apartment, lives at the father`s relatives. When I incidentally came across somehow time its profile in one forum, was very surprised. It appeared, at the neighbor and money hens do not peck and clever and read and the apartment in the " center;. Here did not know that Karavayev of giving - the center It became interesting.

In few months it was possible to worm way and to go together with the neighbor to a meeting with the girl. That blazed to Yura with serious feelings, having hardly read his data in a profile. And what I saw? Neighbor, this gray mouse the person who this is eternally hunched, afraid of own shadow, on my eyes wonderfully turned into a miracle - the good fellow. Cheerful, rich ( to litter with 200 hryvnias in a pocket is it is necessary to be able). But that the most amazing - it made full impression of the person very successful and successful. I admired it, the right! Also there was a question - why he does not behave also and in real lives? And right there the answer, besides more similar to a question - and what life for it - " was born; real ? Perhaps, it is also his real person? And, I dare to assure you - if such burned skeptic as I, believed in game of the neighbor, so this game of much cost Here for this purpose masks also are necessary to

. To be presented to you or surrounding not with that whom is actually, to command respect, awe. To cause feelings which without mask to cause not in forces. To be represented in favorable light to look slightly better than is actually. In order that to fascinate to move ahead on an office ladder The reasons - thousands.

And without mask - just the fairy tale?

What would be if men did not put on masks? I believe, hardly it should bigger their (men) to a half. You watched the comedy Liar, liar ? About the lawyer who was deprived of an opportunity to lie for a while? The comedy the comedy, but present for a minute what would occur in the world, lose the man of masks? Interview in the large company, and your man does not pose as professors of economy does not wrinkle a forehead mysteriously, does not repeat the phrases learned in a night before from Economic bulletin and behaves naturally. As the person who a lot of things knows is able much, but for a position of this is rather weak.

You will tell - at employment your knowledge is important and not that you there from you build ? Whether oh? I happened to be present not at one interview. And the preference was given in nine of ten cases to the person who was pleasant personally. Made impression at the personal level. In time smiled, in time frowned, in due time inserted into conversation saying some. All of us absorb information through personal. We pass through ourselves. And at the one who put on the necessary mask at the right time much more chances to reach the desirable, than at the one who did not put on a mask. Or - a plot and not that. Did not guess with a mask

of Razbivateli of hearts. these

U on a face it is traced - yes, I such is! Such here I burned, tired of all this tinsel (life), experienced. He will not fail to give smacking kiss to some acquaintance at a meeting and at the audience (to it the audience is necessary), it can insert characteristic phrases into conversation. Here such, for example:

- Yes, I knew one Frenchwoman - And a thoughtful look - in a ceiling. Remembers, type. Smiles. Remembered. Type

Or here such:

- I will not tell that polygamy - it is bad.

I - an indulgent smile. You supposedly us, machos you understand

you see his hair licked back and - la Mickey Rourke, you look at slow passages of his hands and - la Julio Iglesias. You is bewitched as the Bandar-log on a boa of Kaa, you look in his face. Deep, as the deepest ocean. Passionate, as at the most passionate Spaniard . Stir up the head. Stirred up? The delusion did not disappear?

Noticed his fast, not matching the general shape views - lightnings on the parties, it should get to the new place only? Such copies are very much loved that meetings with ladies at them took place in places habitual, familiar. There and the service staff friendly smiles to it, and acquaintances from - for next little tables handles wave. And Iglesias nods, carelessly waves a hand, supplementing the picture tired and experienced person large dabs of paint, infused on own advantage and full confidence in. Noticed how it brings closer hands to eyes, scratches a forehead, touches a nose bridge when you ask suddenly the question nonplusing him for a second? You think, at it just the forehead was combed? Or eyes aches? He does not love deadlocks. He does not want that you took an initiative in conversation. Even for a second. You have to look at it as on a boa. You have to believe that before you - the heartbreaker number of one this city