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Why it is necessary to think positively?

At the beginning there was a Thought! Everything in the world is created from energy of thought. Any idea, any subject before taking shape, appear in the form of thought in the beginning.

The thought is an energy. What we think of, still call fancies.

We take energy from everywhere. When we eat, we take energy to feed our cages. We inhale air and through breath we receive energy of the sun, planets, plants and all live. When we strenuously and for a long time think of something, a large amount of energy and information collects in our fancies.

There comes the moment when the amount of energy reaches critical weight, fancies begin to live life, attracting events and circumstances of which we thought dreamed or, on the contrary, of which were afraid. Fancies realize the program put in them by our thoughts, and this program leads us. As if by magic ways and opportunities for implementation of our plans open.

The more energy we put in a fancy, the more actively and more precisely it will be realized. Energy of thought can create

, and can destroy.

If the person thinks of problems, difficulties, failures, diseases - he attracts to himself all this.

And, on the contrary, thinking positively, representing the desirable end result in thoughts, long reflecting over it, we do it more and more probable. And if we at the same time and take active actions, to make efforts for implementation of our purposes, then the success is provided to us. Energy of our positive thoughts will attract to us the necessary circumstances and good luck. At positive thinking positive emotions collect, we are covered by enthusiasm, vigorous mood, confidence and pleasure in a victory anticipation.

If we want to be healthy, successful, successful, to attract pleasure and happiness in the life, then have to learn to think positively.

depends On quality of our thoughts our health, appearance, mood, emotions and feelings.

To learn to think positively, it is necessary to learn to operate the thoughts. It, of course, is hard. All at us have minutes of despair, grief, discontent. If we we go in cycles on problems, difficulties, failures, diseases, we receive all this in even large numbers.

Our wellbeing depends on quality of our thinking!

Why positive thoughts attract all good, and negative - bad?

Everything is reduced to a simple power exchange. If our thoughts, words or acts bear in themselves a negative, then Her Majesty Zhizn answers us with the same. And kindly in thoughts, acts and words generates Good in life.

In recent years this subject received an extended coverage in mass media. Often write about it and in medical editions. Many physicians consider that our thoughts, our consciousness operate a body therefore the consciousness which is adjusted positively will promote health of a body, and frequent negative thoughts lead to diseases.

It is also established that the feeling of embitternment makes harmful effects on an organism, leading to increase of warm rhythms, narrowing of arteries, and finally to diseases.

The feeling of gratitude, love, on the contrary, leads to the fact that reductions of heart become more regular - it works better. Also " immunoglobulin level increases; And which protects our organism from infections and diseases. The feeling of gratitude to the organism, to the body - improves work of internals of the person.

Even cells of a body know our thoughts. Scientists by means of electronics traced behavior of cells of a human body, registering, both positive, and negative reactions to human thoughts and actions.

Robert Stone in the book Life without restrictions writes about such research which was conducted Cleve by Baxter, one of the specialists in lie detectors, best in the world. Cells of a body of the person placed in solution into which inserted electrodes of the registering device. The person was sent to walk among beggars and the homeless in poor quarter of the city. At the same time its actions shot with a hidden camera. While the young man was quiet, devices showed slightly wavy curve. When the examinee was frightened, having met the homeless with the menacing appearance, his cages which were at distance of several kilometers reacted negatively. The recorder registered powerful negative emission. As soon as it sent to the cages a sympathy signal, right there the stylus drew sharp positive peak.

Cells of our body know our thoughts! Than best of all and more kindly we think of the body, the more are grateful to it, the our cages are more active, our body respond on our positive thoughts, helping us to be healthy.

Therefore, positive thoughts promote corporal health, negative - on the contrary.

Our manner to talk can influence our health too. If we often resort to negative statements concerning parts of our body, then under certain conditions these statements can come true. For example, statements of type: From it the neck hurts me From it feels sick Me It breaks my heart Me legs do not hold Something - will not do good to either our neck, or our legs, or our heart.

We should express love to our body and, in particular, to that body which work is broken.

Recently doctors of one of clinics of the USA made experiment in which people with fractures of the leg participated. Part of patients in the course of treatment gently addressed the leg, apologized mentally at it, expressed it love. At the same time they mentally observed as the change grows together in accelerated. At these patients recovery was caused on average 35 percent quicker. The same approach can be applied also to any other body organ.

Our thoughts are capable to help the doctor to cure us.

Try to execute the following exercise.

Relax and imagine the sick body. Think of it with love. Ask for it forgiveness. Perhaps, it you are a little bit guilty that he got sick. Imagine it smoothly functioning and healthy. You you will see as he will respond to your fancy. Express sincere love to it and thank for good work.

I Wish all only positive thoughts and health!