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Business from scratch! How it is correct to begin the business?

As you think how it is necessary to begin to open the business? Whether it is worth borrowing a lot of money for business when you have nothing? Maybe nevertheless there is other way!

“It is necessary to take the credit in bank and the more the better“ - here is how argues, bulk of the beginning businessmen. The most terrible that banks give this money on the security of property. In most cases banks understand that most likely they should take away pledge. The credit for business is a powerful tool when it in skillful hands. But if it in hands of “reckless driver“, then everything was gone.

If someone you think that it is not necessary to think the head and to overcome difficulties, and just to take money and them “to squander“, then it is never better for such person to open the business, and just to work on hiring. When time to borrow comes, you it is will understand. And the timely credit is a reasonable decision, but everything is good in its season. And here still that professionals speak:“ To take the credit, it is necessary to learn to give at the beginning it“!

I will tell you one story. It is sad and instructive. It is history shows that it is not possible to foresee everything and it is not necessary to hope for good luck.

One my relative borrowed a lot of money, employed several trucks and went from Russia to Kyrgyzstan behind apples. He decided to buy many apples as on holidays they are in huge demand before new year and Christmas. He bought them and went back.

But on the road there was a small accident and he lost small part of freight. In principle there was an insignificant loss, and I mentioned this moment for other reason. He did not insure freight and did not even think of it. But on the way can happen, everyone and was just lucky it that it reached. When it arrived to a warehouse, could not unload apples. In a warehouse there was an accident, somewhere broke through a pipe and flooded it. The owner of a warehouse apologized, gave money and “made a helpless gesture“.

Generally, it was necessary to look for a new warehouse. On the street there was a frost, and the warehouse was necessary warm. With “wild eagerness“ it found a warehouse. But in this warehouse there was a bad heating, but he had no place to disappear and he rented this warehouse.

Peremerzla apples! He sold them at half price, but even so they badly dispersed. In the market it is full of some normal apples, and these are not necessary. As a result it did not gather even a half of the sum which occupied. The debt was huge, and it did not know what to do. He sold the apartment, the car and still something, but even it was not enough to satisfy a debt.

Only in four years it paid for these “gold apples“. You will tell, there are no gold apples. Yes gold apples only in fairy tales! But for it they became not gold, and cost as gold. And after that it it is constant in debts as damned. Though it also paid for apples, but not to stop “a debt wheel“. And that the most important, he so understood nothing.

He continues to think: “To save “ass“, it is necessary to borrow somewhere even more money“. In all banks it in “black list“ and runs away from them as “imperceptible Joe“. Already there passed eight years, and these apples everything have an effect. So suffered from apples not only Adam and Eve, are cases and today!

But actually apples here at anything, it is all about the person who did not think the head and was unfairly self-confident. His relatives persuaded not to do this nonsense, but he did not listen to them and told that they understand nothing. So, do not buy “gold apples“!

I told you a sad story, but I can tell also good. Once I got acquainted with one person. He is a successful businessman. Somehow he told me a story of the life as he became a businessman.

It worked as the supplier, carried different products on shops. Its activity began incidentally. Somehow it carried smoked chicken meat and came to have a bite into cafe. He forgot to close a deep freeze door on the lock. When he left, saw that the door is slightly opened also chicken meat as did not happen. While he ate, he was robed. There was a little chicken meat, but he did not want to pay for it. Here he began to think what to do. Also decided to buy fresh curia and to smoke them. The risk was not big as it once was engaged in smoking. Earlier it for itself(himself) smoked fat and meat. At work told that “broke“ and will bring chicken meat as will make the car. It had a car with the refrigerator, and nobody worried that products will deteriorate.

When he bought chicken meat and arrived home, at once built the primitive smoking shed. Prepared everything and began to smoke. Generally, at it it turned out also nobody, did not notice substitution. The shop told: “What today tasty chicken meat. Always to us you bring it“.

Here he also reflected, about the business and to it smoking process was pleasant. After a while he experimented with smoking a little more and decided to begin. Began little by little and now it has a small shop. At the beginning he did not even quit the job, and used an official car for delivery of the production.

It gradually extended and its range became too more. Then he left as there were already many cases. Now people work for it, and he only monitors sale. At the beginning it did everything, and his little little son helped too, watched fire. He did not get into debts, and went gradually! Then when he felt forces, took on credit the professional equipment. Generally, everything at it is good!

Whether you know similar stories? If you know, then tell, it will be useful and it is interesting!

Thanks for attention!