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Who head of the family and strong half of mankind?

Question difficult. Meanwhile, it not only in real life exists, but also, sometimes, serves as a serious stumbling block in family relationship. Therefore, from this question it is not necessary to turn away and, especially, to underestimate it.

Probably, surprises nobody that the man it is drawn before the woman, trying to look better, than it actually is. Meanwhile, this an affected, apparently, manner the origin goes to depth of centuries. Yes, the woman is in character merciful, but she, in too time, does not accept weak. Them it can unless only to regret. Really, the woman is only capable to fall in love strong, in the spiritual plan, with the personality.

It is well-known that men have a deep voice, and at women - high. Let`s tell to see irresistible beauty fine Elena the man turns the eye, is full of hope, up. We observe the same picture when the representative strong half making a declaration of love, kneels before weak Woman. In this ritual the deep moral meaning is concealed. Thus, the man expresses the readiness to fill with own energy the female, boundless depth of feelings and to fill it with himself.

Continuing conversation about man`s and female tonalities, would like to pay attention of readers to sharps and flats. I will remind that the flat lowers a note on half-tone, and the sharp - on half-tone raises. In a sharp and a flat two highly moral spiritual beginnings, man`s and female are put too. Only the man`s spirit is directed down, impregnating women`s matter then that revives and directs up.

By the way, you for certain had an opportunity to watch repeatedly dancing couples. And so, the girl, dancing with the guy, as a rule, hands clasps him for a neck, and he the hands has on her hips? It appears, and in these gestures the deep meaning is put too. The girl instinctively directs up that reflects her spiritual development. And the young man, falling down, investigates, as if, female depths . By the nature the Man the creator. In his head the plan, idea of the house ripens. For the birth of new life it dumps the seed. The creation occurs highly in the head. Exactly there, up the Woman also directs that relyefny to create conceived. For maintenance of durability of the matrimonial union at the spiritual level it is necessary to remember that creation - instantly, creation - is eternal always.

Meanwhile, representatives strong half just is Woman. If to be more concrete, then it is about the spiritual level which settles down above. Here also it turns out that the Man gives down where feels the force . But Woman feeds it above, but for some reason loudly does not declare the force.

Spiritual level, of course, on the importance, settles down much above physical. The man considers himself as a master of the situation as, in his opinion, the woman within his power. I would not begin to claim so unambiguously. To me it is thought that the Woman in many parameters is stronger than the Man. But, quite consciously, externally puts himself in position of weak. And not it possesses it, but it as she wants it. That is why the woman needs the man. The true love is an irreconcilable rivalry of feelings and emotions which is conducted exclusively as equals.

The woman in every possible way supports an image of the Man, gives help in implementation of his grandiose plans, jealously preserves male rest. Believe, such approach does not humiliate the woman at all. In - the first, all this becomes with female approach. In other words, allowing the Man to believe that he both the creator, and the creator really. In - the second, at similar approach, in the Man its natural beginnings will most brightly reveal.

So who then head of the family and strong half of mankind? Unambiguously, woman! Though, men can have also different views on the lifted subject. Just to them on a course of life the real women did not meet yet