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How to earn in the province by means of the Internet or How to become the freelancer?

Work are problems which you solve!

A not the place where you go!

And unless at you not so? You spend every day time for the road from work and for work, at work pine and wait for the end of the working day.

If to you all this bored stiff if you consider that you reached high professional level and consider that are capable to motivate themselves - means, time came. Time to think of a telework.

In process of distribution of modern IT - technologies the Internet promptly becomes cheaper. - the mail and ICQ become indispensable attribute even of the mobile phone, wireless access became standard equipment of laptops. Even the Intel company, advertizing processors for laptops, declares in the press - release that the telework becomes a real way of achievement of optimum balance between work and private life it would be silly not to try and what is it and what it (this telework) is eaten with.

Distant work most often call the fashionable word freelance. Respectively, and doing this work - freelancers. In Europe now such more than 60 million!

Work on the contract can do it, there can be a single, odd job. Work when the employer and the worker meet on the Internet, conclude the bargain, and pay off besides, most often on the Internet. Let`s not sort the technical moments now, we will sort pluses and minuses of distant work.

Allow small lyrical digression.

Ya I live in the Rostov region, the Mine city. Here once there was a center of coal mining on the Russian Donbass and the biggest textile combine in Europe.

From 15 mines works only one now, the combine does not work years 10, from 200 thousand inhabitants of nearly 20% (according to the Shakhty jobcenter) have no work. Any. Live on a welfare.

Even favorable always, in any conditions trade lives in the terrible competition. In the city with the population 220000 (nearly a quarter of one million) there is no large grocery wholesale base. It is unprofitable to contain, too low purchasing power of the population.

Here for clever people from such towns which, I think, across Russia great variety, distant work the real panacea (universal medicine). From a lack of money, and a professional atrofation (or atrofirovannost, I do not know how it is correct). Generally - the place where it is possible to apply the knowledge and abilities - the whole world. The English teacher is, for example, at each, even rural school.

But something I distracted Incurred


Pluses of distant work:

1. You are free. Absolutely. Nobody will dismiss you for a truancy, for non-performance of the project, for waste.

2. If you live in a small town, you can earn more, than an average salary of the expert of your qualification. You earn more sometimes many times. Level of salaries in the province several times is less, than in Moscow. Being engaged in freelance, it is necessary to work generally with Moscow or St. Petersburg, and earnings will be at an appropriate level.

3. Level of your salary depends only on you. Not only from your diligence, qualification, but also from your resourcefulness. Personally I never send article only to one magazine.

4. You can work, anywhere. In principle, you need the computer and connection to the Internet, at least on the modem or the mobile phone, and all. You want the house - two steps from a bed and you on a workplace. I personally prefer to consider articles on a sofa, with a laptop on a paunch

5. When you have a reputation, you choose projects which it is more interesting to you.

6. Possibility of creation of the passive income when you are able already not to work, and money will flow all the same to you.

Minuses. distant work has three obvious shortcomings which are noted by all experts.

1. You need to look for customers all the time, to sell itself. However, as well as everywhere. But for the freelancer ability to samoprezentovat itself and to inspire trust is a matter of life and death. Professional Personal charm here usually does not work with

2. A problem of control of activity of the employee from the employer.

This problem is easily solved by detailed and regular informing the employer.

If you the professional, then the person with a stick who adjusts you is not necessary to you. You know when it is necessary to sit down at the computer and how much time you need to allocate for the next project.

3. Obvious minus of full freelance - lack of real-life communication therefore over time qualification of the worker as it is regrettable, is lost. Exceptions are, but they only confirm the rule. A conclusion - the thicket should communicate with colleagues alive. The person everything is a being social!

From myself I will add - it is always difficult to begin. Therefore do not rush to a whirlpool with the head. Measure seven times. At first surely combine freelance with the work. Surely! On obtaining the income which will allow to feed a family not less than a year will leave, most likely it is more! Carry out the first projects even for free of charge, the gained experience and a portfolio will be payment.


U you everything will turn out! I know