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Whether we are free?

With what enthusiasm one of the opponents who are present at transfer spoke of a year 1991 - m! Though this year for our big country was literally tragical to Remember

1985 - as the country was stirred up! - and only it was necessary - to begin with itself! And that means to begin reorganization with itself ? - It, in my opinion, never to shift RESPONSIBILITY for quality of the life to any other personality, to any official. It first of all! And then, in process of the forces and opportunities to take the responsibility for quality of life of relatives (and not absolutely) you people. And, eventually - for quality of life in all country!

But it did not occur! Occurred because something incorrect was undertaken by Gorbachev or not in that party thought to turn the country gekachepist . There were no we because on the whole (peer more attentively into yourself!) in total - SLAVES!!! And as if we inflated cheeks, we first wait for the leader any, and then, in most cases nevertheless we betray also him!!! And a Yeltsin era took place to be exclusively at ours national consent (connivance!) and, therefore, and each of us is RESPONSIBLE!!!

I am not someone`s supporter or the opponent. I am a simple inhabitant - the citizen of the country, and I very much do not want when violently - active persons undertake to reconstruct or remake natural process of life - there are no examples in the history of Earth when such activity was useful to Earth and for people of Earth, but there is a set of examples with an opposite sign!

But there is also a set of vital examples when not on - Darwin (the strongest survives or the most adapted), and absolutely in a different way to the law a lion with a roe use at the same time one watering place during the droughty period, and inveterate enemies become allies in the face of the general danger!

Our general Earth, small in infinite space of space is in danger of death! And in comparison with this space it is so fragile! To us it is entrusted to live on it and to embellish it, and we all world in a crowd what with it we do?!! - No throat will be enough that for all to cry out about danger. And the vast majority us constantly we blame for not device and our general others, but not ourselves!

Look around, my dear! - Let right now whom that will be able, that also will make: be tidied up at the dirtied entrance, plant flowers near the house, do not spit to Earth, wipe snivels to the kid running by and little it is possible to make imperceptible, but useful! It is not necessary to wait when someone highly put will call you, dear reader to bring order to the house with the name Earth

To Devote itself to service of Russia. - (from the annual message) accept words of the current president literally. Accept them as the most important point from own action program. And, serving Russia as all the being, we will serve also Earth, eventually. Having planted a tree whether a flower with the purpose to make the environment finer, none of us will allow to take just like that and a fruit of the work to ruin! Here also my, your, our feeling of the owner on Earth, and together with it - and long-awaited Freedom will be shown! And you it, the Freedom, will get itself or itself, but not from someone`s lips will receive!

Listen every morning to songs performed by Igor Talkov! There is no such opportunity - listen to singing of birds, a rustle of leaves, a grass Inhale a grass smell Be owners of the life! Responsibility for its quality lies exclusively on each of us! And as this feeling - a sense of responsibility is pleasant! For, for close people, for the city or the settlement, for the country, for Earth!!!