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It is impossible to become famous for good affairs?

Let`s make small experiment?

Try to tell, without hesitation, the names or surnames of three serial murderers or maniacs famous to you. It`s a go? Well, of course, names such " came to your mind at once; given reptiles, as: Andrey Chikatilo, Jack the Ripper, Dennis Andrew Nielsen, Nikolay Dzhumagaliyev ?

And now try to call surnames of three Nobel Prize laureates also quickly. With it it is more difficult, the truth?

the First, and probably the last, occurs a name John Nash (the fundamental analysis of balance in the theory of not cooperative games), the movie about life and which achievements, under the name Beautiful Mind removed in Hollywood?

And who else? Of course, having thought longer, having asked relatives and having looked also at encyclopedias, we, probably, will remember ingenious: I. P. Pavlova (work on human physiology), I. I. Mechnikova (research of mechanisms of immunity), R. Koch (opening of the causative agent of tuberculosis - Koch`s stick), A. Einstein (a contribution to theoretical physics), V. K. Rentgen (opening of X - beams), D. Galsworthy (a contribution to literature) and other Nobel laureates famous to us.

There is a question why in our memory names of the people who became famous for the negative, illegal and just terrible acts take roots?

Why we know, but we do not remember such virtues as mother Theresa who received Nobel Peace Prize For activity for the aid to the suffering person in 1979? She, the Catholic nun, the foundress Ordena of mercy, the monastic congregation which is engaged in service to the poor and patients was an ordinary woman. At the age of 36 years Theresa felt an appeal to leave the monastery and to serve the poor, living among them . This noble woman devoted the life to people. For it it was not the victim, it was sign from above .

And put here in what. Our brain, irrespective of our desire, is capable to fix in memory what made the greatest emotional impression on us and also to eliminate unnecessary freight. By scientists it is proved that fear, the rage, rage, horror, hatred, a stress and other negative emotions, make on mentality stronger impact, than positive.

They say that with what the person becomes richer, that zhadny he becomes. Yes, it is, unfortunately, generally the truth. Having got out of poverty, people often forget what they had to begin with. But there are also pleasant exceptions! Actors, politicians, public figures and just wealthy people carry out charity events and concerts for the aid to persons in need, adopt children, speak out in defense of animals. Each of them makes the contribution and helps those who need it. All of them are absolutely different people who are united by one purpose - to improve this world, having brought the feasible help.

How long you gave way in transport? When last time you helped the elderly person to inform of a bag? Whether you greet the grannies sitting before your entrance? It is what each of us is capable of, the capitals are for this purpose not necessary. I urge you to help each other. Look round, you are surrounded by a huge number of people for whom your help is necessary.

Call old friends and parents, connects you very much, but there is never enough time to meet or, at least, to call. Remember an aphorism All people speak equally, they differ only in acts

And let will not tell about your act in news and will not write in newspapers, you will be proud of yourself, understanding that if today you made a kind act - your day did not pass in vain since. You made someone happier.

I hope that after all aforesaid, having heard expression: It is impossible to become famous for good affairs! You with confidence will tell that the old woman Shapoklyak was wrong!