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Than gravitation will help health?

Newton, apple and our blood.

What holds us on Earth, without allowing to fly away quietly in an outer space? The newton to which once apple fell on the head called this phenomenon gravitation. But apple on the head - all this is painfully and to fall too not really pleasantly. Why gravitational forces are necessary and how to direct them to the benefit of our organism?

It appears, gravitation in certain conditions brings notable benefit to an organism. Three and a half centuries later after discovery of force of universal gravitation by Newton by scientists salutary impact of gravitational forces on blood of the person was revealed. Long-term researches showed that by means of special impact on blood by means of above-mentioned force it is possible to treat such horrible diseases as atherosclerosis, gout, diabetes. Fantastically! - you will tell. Really! - Newton would tell.

Gravitational surgery of blood against atherosclerosis.

Even more often in the press and on television the phrase " flashes; gravitational surgery of " blood;. What procedure and why so on - her physicians space called is?

Other its name - extracorporal haemo correction. The procedure perceived by patients as a usual dropper, actually represents quite difficult process of gravitational impact on blood of the patients suffering from various diseases, first of all, from atherosclerosis. From here and space name.

What gives gravitational impact on blood and to whom this procedure is shown? To anyone, only not to me, you will tell. So far you especially do not complain of health and least of all think of what life you lead that you eat and at what speed you work. In a young organism blood simply plays runs on pure vessels and does not forget to supply all sections and fabrics with useful substances

With age vessels wear out, on their walls harmful substances are laid, and blood already hardly makes the way through their narrow gleams. Such condition of vessels carries the name ATHEROSCLEROSIS. A fertile field for development of atherosclerosis are constant stresses, deterioration in ecology, an infection, toxic components of air. And here he victoriously paces on the planet, day by day looking younger and gaining strength.

The highest mortality of people is the result of atherosclerosis which leads to a myocardial infarction, a stroke, is display of diabetes, causes an early climax and many other diseases. Insidiousness of this disease is that not each person guesses his existence in the organism. You, for example, never thought of why with age skin becomes flabby, dry why there are wrinkles and pigmentary spots? The reason for that - defeat of the vessels feeding it atherosclerosis.

Gravitation and reality about return of health and youth.

As salutary impact on blood and what it gives to our organism happens? The essence of a method is that it is possible to influence various components of blood out of an organism. At the patient who conveniently settled down on a couch the part of blood which then under the influence of gravitational forces in the special centrifuge is divided into the main components gets: plasma - liquid part (in which are dissolved as good substances, necessary for activity of an organism, and harmful causing this or that disease) and blood cells - erythrocytes, leukocytes and platelets. In the received plasma the deposit is allocated (-that and contain in it cholesterol and others harmful substances!) and plasma healthy and cleared comes back. It is important that at the same time all valuable, vital components remain. Sounds a little frighteningly, however for the patient procedure reminds ordinary dropper which is put at several o`clock.

What happens to cholesteric plaques which already are on walls of vessels? It is difficult to believe, but by means of technologies of their extracorporal haemo correction it is possible... to remove completely.

In the updated organism becomes more active antioxidant system - the natural mechanism which does not allow cholesterol to settle on walls of vessels, slows down cell aging and interferes with formation of various tumors.

After such procedure of people as if comes back on a few years ago when defeat of vessels was not so big yet, i.e. it becomes 5 - 7 years younger.

Read it only in stories of the famous fantasts? Today even you can touch shooters of internal clocks!

Gravitation and our health.

After a course of procedures of gravitational surgery of blood observe noticeable improvements of activity of all organism because the main goal of treatment - restoration of blood supply of all internals and fabrics is achieved. And it means that threat of a heart attack, a stroke and other consequences of atherosclerosis recedes. The noticeable effect is observed already during treatment. The brain receives the strengthened food - noise in ears abates at once, dizzinesses stop, memory, mood, ability to concentrate improves. Heart is fully supplied with blood - there are stenocardia attacks less often, physical activity is much easier transferred. The liver and kidneys work at full capacity - all harmful substances are quickly and in due time removed from an organism. After the carried-out treatment sensitivity to medicinal therapy increases, and the patient needs a smaller dosage of habitual preparations.

So there Newton when weighty apple fell on the head to him told? He joyfully exclaimed, rubbing the formed cone: Nothing, but we will be healthier! .