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How we offend the children? One wise American psychologist told

: At each opportunity - take the child by hand! There will pass not enough time, and he will cease to stretch you the palm at all! .

Everything that we do in life of our children, comes back a hundredfold. If the child grows in trust - he learns to trust others too if the kid is loved and support, he becomes attentive and careful. But there are terrible mistakes which adults make under the influence of anger or indifference, without having thought, than it can turn back in small children`s soul

We very strongly offend our children when:

1. We do not understand. Years in 13 I fell in love. Zhenka was an excellent student - self-satisfied and malicious. But it seemed to me that it is an ideal. However the ideal did not pay any attention to me at all, and I cried. And mother, trying to console me, talked a complete nonsense: Yes you that! It is so frivolous. In a year everything will pass! And I did not want at all that my condition of love passed. Then I saw the same picture in the movie Also did not dream you :

- Mother, I love Katya!

- Oh, do not make laugh. Such Kat you will have one million!.

- And why you, parents, for us foreknow everything?

2. We do not support. Little Enrico Caruso came running from school in tears: Mother! The singing teacher told that I have a voice - as though wind in a pipe howls! . Well that you, sonny! Do not listen to anybody. You sing as the most beautiful nightingale in the world. I precisely know it! It dread to think that the world could never hear the great tenor if not this wise woman. Constantly you speak to the children: You can! You will cope with it! - it very much inspires.

3. We compare to other children. Look what Anechka - clean and accurate. Not that you are a pig! It seems, familiarly? I cannot understand one: what do mummies want to achieve, pronouncing these words? Except hatred to Anechka, it is difficult to cause other emotions

4 here. We sneer. We with the little sister came about shop. The sister was 3 years old, her face was painted with brilliant green spots: caught chicken pox. Shop assistants who had nothing themselves to borrow were developed in our party and started giggling: Oh, what beauty to us came! You only look! Only one thought came to my mind: where nearby to take the automatic machine and to shoot them?.

5. We offend words and acts. B 8 - m a class I considered myself as quite adult and independent girl. Once we sat up with the father over geometry which my brain refused to understand at all. And then the father in a fit of temper slapped me... on a bottom! It was not so much sick how many it is incredibly offensive! I long did not talk to it. And he could not understand what so strongly me touched

6. We shout and fly into a rage. I Remember in maternity hospital my neigbour exhausted with a hnykanye of the kid seized him and began to shake and shout: What the hell still it is necessary to you? Never I will forget eyes of the kid huge, blue, full of horror who did not understand what occurs. It seems, her then it was very a shame to

7. We ignore! And, believe, this most terrible. The Japanese scientist showed to the whole world experiment with plants. Three identical kernels were put in three jars. Every morning, passing by the first can, the scientist greeted a rostochok and told it tender words. Before the second can he shouted and called a plant offensive words. He just ignored the third sprout: without looking, passed by. It is easy to guess that happened to sprouts in a month. The first eared in the juicy green color in all width of a window sill. The second absolutely dried. And the third - decayed! Children are similar to green sprouts too: parents over the years reap only that they grew!

And now look away from the monitor, peer at a narrow strip of a decline, inhale more deeply and present your kid. Here he squeezes chubby cams, ridiculously wrinkles a nose and smiles in all width of the toothless mouth. And in reply in your breast something big is developed and gentle. This kid loves you certainly: in any mood, with any gifts, just because you are his mother or the father! And for one this smile you will give everything on light! Remember it as often as possible and love the children, it is also unconditional, simple because they - your continuation!