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How to learn to treat sensibly criticism?

Ah, this all-knowing chief! Yes what he understands! I so long bore this project, and it destroyed by bombing it totally in one second!. goes " Further; an untranslatable word-play with use of local idiomatic expressions . It is clear, what the project should be finished, and here is how to be with an unpleasant deposit in soul?

I think, for a start should get rid of negative emotions as they already for certain eclipsed reason and prevent to argue sensibly.

There is a lot of ways to splash out a negative. However, you should not choose from them dangerous to you and surrounding. For example, it is not necessary to punch in a wall. I know one person who after such action went several months in plaster. And nevertheless, the organism demands a physical discharge! It is possible to be run on a ladder up - down several times. The number of floors does not matter. The fatigue will come enough soon. And (oh, it is surprising!) together with it lucidity of mind. If health does not allow to run so, it is possible just to walk rather fast pace along a corridor, down the street. It is possible to jump, eventually, on one place in the closed office. In house conditions quite really to beat a pillow - both to you it is good, and all are living - are healthy!

Now when the consciousness is transparent as the fragment of glass, once remembers conversation details . What words hooked on you most of all what actions offended. At this moment nuances just also begin. If, in general, you agree with the main points of criticism, but you were offended, for example, by tone of the person or the word in which it expressed thought, then Recover the breath, count mentally to ten and get to work! The criticism - that is fair! Let the rest will be on conscience of the chief or who criticized you there. If you know that it at it property such - for example to shout at people, - unpleasantly, of course, but try to accustom yourself to thought that here he so speaks. Keep calm and composure.

There is, certainly, a criticism for the sake of criticism. That is what you made - all not so. In this case especially it is worth treating more simply a situation. All the same it is not interesting to the person that you made. In it there lives the spirit of a contradiction, and this spirit is constantly torn outside! Besides, it is not your problems. Perform work as you will consider necessary, and do not penetrate into offensive words.

Well and if quietly talked to you, delicately pointed out works the defects, prompted as it can be corrected, then Postoyte, postoyta! You just shouted, writhed in hysterics and tore on yourself hair from disappointment? So, so, so! It seems that you should have a rest and treat nerves. Yes unless you were scarified?! It the most friend advice! Also it would be very silly them not to use.

If you also are not afraid to admit to yourself that you do not know something, something are not able, something to you still should learn, then to any criticism you will be able to treat as incentive for improvement. Besides, there is a remarkable thing - self-criticism. And self-irony. The person able to laugh at the misses and failures transfers failure easier. And not so painfully reacts to remarks to work from outside. But for this purpose, I do not argue, all - a certain life experience and a level of development of personal qualities is necessary. Read, study, exchange thoughts, work on yourself. Broaden horizons. And I am sure, in the business you will surely achieve success!