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What to do, having got into a car accident?

B dorozhno - transport incident can get everyone. Let`s consider a case when you have an accident, operating the vehicle. And, it is often unimportant - whether you are guilty or it is unclear who, or an adverse party as guilt degree finally is fixed as an arithmetic average of testimonies of witnesses, existence of proofs and just the level of impudence of the parties.

Anyway, having crashed or having felt blow from outside, it is necessary to stop, and immediately to begin search of witnesses. Those can be found among incidentally passing drivers (if to them does not have the luck to brake or stop) or among gapers. Let`s note that people most often reluctantly make contact and the more so do not wish to leave the data for further trials. It is a problem though if you are not guilty or to someone from passersby you will be pleasant, it is possible to consider that it was lucky. There is no time to yawn, however as well as to worry about the incident - it is necessary to cling immediately death grip to those who though saw something, and can tell further about it in court.

The most acceptable as witnesses it is possible to consider persons of mature or advanced age. The first quite often came up against a similar situation, and can meet halfway just like that. The second as practice shows, love adventures, courts - a gossip, and can quite become objective witnesses. But it is necessary to consider that witnesses most often side similar: if in you the pensioner drove, and you are young and beautiful, then witnesses - pensioners quite can see suddenly responsible in you. And vice versa.

Regardless of whether it was lucky with witnesses (that not the fact), it is necessary to remember all details in the smallest details. Besides forms and nature of damages, it:

quantity and a type of pedestrians (it is a lot of school students, etc.)

quantity, look and types of cars, their numbers (especially!) . It is an important indicator - for example, having remembered that the trolleybus behind left, on it then it will be possible to get rid part of fault - the pier, closed the review etc. of

existence of features of the road - a hollow, remrabota, foreign objects.

any other remarkable features - ran on the road children, poured a rain (let the smallest), wind, stood an advertizing mobile booth what booths are open and closed, etc.

are not afraid to stand and just to write down all this on a piece of paper. Storing of trifles is useful further - if the adverse party goes va - bank, will employ good lawyers and witnesses will also try to extend from you compensation maximum. It will also serve as an insurance in case it is necessary to involve the lawyers and friends in business. Let`s note that friends in this case can quite replace begun to fail witnesses. And information on work nearby of the standing shops will allow to attract sellers who were simply obliged to see the events.

The arrived staff of GAI can be subdivided on quick - those who will arrive at once, and functional - those who will be engaged in you further. I do not know why it is accepted to think that all of them are bribe takers. People in uniform come and do the work though for certain among them is and resourceful in this respect. GAI in this case - not the enemy, and the instance establishing the fact. It will be necessary to come into normal contact with the investigator, to show interest in objective investigation, and then many excessive problems will not appear.

Practice shows, as in case of your fault and the more so if you the victim, the adverse party quite often does not wish to resolve an issue amicably, and tries to derive a benefit maximum for himself, to the detriment of you. Nevertheless, it is necessary to try to agree with them on the place at once. It is possible not to waste time on trifles and make as required concessions, but without losing advantage - manifestations of weakness can direct business to absolutely undesirable course.

If you are guilty, and the damage to the victim is not too considerable, it is quite possible to pay it on the place or to go immediately to service. It is better to choose service, familiar - will be so cheaper. But the described actions - at least in a phase of own recording of a surrounding situation, it is necessary to make.