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How to prepare vareniki?

Vareniki - food simple, convenient for storage in the frozen look. Now, in a century of a fast food, they can be met everywhere. With cottage cheese, with berries, with potato and mushrooms. It would seem what new can be thought up still? However from time to time I remember my grandmother and with pleasure I prepare vareniki, such as she prepared.

Vareniki on a variety of stuffings do not concede to pies. It also is clear - the principle same - the stuffing wrapped in dough. But I like to do traditional vareniki. Cottage cheese dumplings. Of course, for a start it is necessary to stock up with this cottage cheese. It is very important, to choose cottage cheese of the necessary quality. It is possible to tell as much as necessary about date of production, about fat content percent, but it does not guarantee its quality at all. Cottage cheese has to be white or slightly beige color, has to be moderately dry, moderately firm and not sour. You should try it and to trust in the feelings. The main criterion - cottage cheese has to be tasty.

So, we will pass to production. You will need 800 - 1000 grams of flour, the quantity it depends on quality of grain. Sift it a hill in a wide bowl, make deepening in the center. Separately mix 300 grams of cold not boiled water, one egg, a salt half-teaspoon, 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil. Pour out all this mix in the prepared flour crater. A wooden spoon or a rake mix it with flour. It is very important not to hurry in it. All process of hashing has to occupy you not less than half an hour. When dough becomes rather dense, knead it hands. Ready dough has to be elastic, not stick to hands, it is easy to be rolled with a rolling pin.

Surely give to the " test; to have a rest . Leave for half an hour. Curtail a ball, oil sunflower, cover with a napkin. It is a high time to be engaged in a stuffing. Knead half a kilogram of cottage cheese a spoon together with one crude egg, svezhenarublenny greens of fennel and parsley. Salt to taste.

I mold vareniki as my grandmother taught me. It is necessary to cut off part from a ball with the test, to roll a sausage, to cut it on pieces and from each piece to roll with a rolling pin round flat cake. On each flat cake a teaspoon to lay out a stuffing piece, to curtail flat cake in half and accurately to pinch edge two fingers.

It is possible to do it together with children. To attract the father on the hottest and dangerous site, to operate the boiling pan, and children - to display a stuffing and to roll flat cakes. And then process of preparation of a lunch will turn into joint family communication, and the lunch made in common - on the real holiday.

To spread out ready vareniki to the surface which is previously sprinkled with flour. To cook just before the use in the added some salt water. To give on a table hot with sour cream, the kindled butter and fresh greens of fennel, parsley, a basil. Try, you will not regret! Bon appetit!