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For what the laughter is necessary?

Residents Comedy Club joke rigidly and even on - black. Here the amorphous and frozen Timur represents the person of the future:

- What is a joke?

- Well, it when is ridiculous!

- And what it is ridiculous?

- As if to explain it to you? Here you, for example, sometime were ill? Coughed? Here the laughter is as cough, only quickly - quickly, and eyes a navypuchka

the Mankind forgot to laugh. Remember when you last time laughed voluntarily, sincerely and with all the heart? Most often, we resort to an artificial way: we look Notice we go on Zadornov`s concert, we receive mailing of jokes from the Internet - well, specially we are adjusted what will be ridiculous now.

And meanwhile, the laughter can be:

1. All-strengthening and medical. When we sincerely laugh, our blood pressure is harmonized, influence of a stress on our life is weakened, the physical and emotional pressure leaves, the mood improves, immunity becomes stronger. The laughter stimulates physical healing.

2. Rejuvenating. When we laugh, the person is exempted from tension, wrinkles " are smoothed; long .

3. Replacing physical trainings. Several minutes of intensive, cheerful laughter yield the same results, as 10 - 15 minutes of exercises on conducted - or the rowing exercise machine. Hundred snickers are equivalent to ten minutes of aerobics. At laughter there is also a massage of our internals, lungs and a body are filled with oxygen, the laughter deeply clears airways, trains lungs - it is especially important for people who do not play sports regularly.

4. Increasing intelligence. all brain takes part In perception of humour that promotes association and an equilibration of two hemispheres. The laughter also increases creative abilities.

5. Even sexual.

And at the same time it is favorable to b to influence the relations with orchestra seats. The laughter opens heart.

6. In general, giving an optimism charge. When the person laughs, in his blood are allocated happiness hormones - endorphins, and also pour - enkefalina which increase resistance to a stress, reduce painful defect. From here - the general increase in protective forces of an organism.

But all these signs belong to sincere laughter, but not squeezeed out smile!

And it is very good when you the pure laughter can to infect people around. Once my uncle, the person of incredibly athletic build, went by the tram, and before it two men sat and told quietly jokes. Last told masterpiece probably, it was difficult for perception. Men became silent both. But on all tram my uncle began to neigh! This big fellow lamented, pokryakhtyvat, wiped tears and clapped himself on knees. Further all tram modulatingly laughed already at it.

It is always joyful to me to hear how laughs, watching animated cartoons, my little son. I begin to smile together with others when in the gloomy, bad morning in the bus very young students are filled in.

If we can sincerely laugh - we please relatives and we lighten mood to ourselves. We afford children`s carelessness and ease, we turn the world around ourselves into a color, scintillating kaleidoscope.

Truly, is right the Baron Myunkhgauzen: The Clever face - yet not a sign of mind, the Lord! All biggest nonsenses on the earth become with this look. Smile, misters! Smile! .