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How to the sales area manager to communicate with buyers?

For effective sale in limited space first of all it is necessary to gain the client, for this purpose it is necessary to begin conversation correctly.

A greeting - obligatory point, it is impossible to miss it.

Phrases for a greeting can serve: Good afternoon ; Good morning ; Good evening ; Hello . Welcoming

, it is necessary to smile. The smile has to be friendly, not tense at all.

The visitor needs to be invited to conversation by a leading question.

Examples of questions: I can help you something? ; You look for something? I see, you became interested (The name of goods)? ; You select (The name of goods)? ; You want to pick up (The name of goods)? . Depending on situations perhaps various application of these phrases:

Abstract questions

I can help you something? - this phrase is a little abstract therefore its use needs to be minimized, or even to avoid it in general though not always it turns out. It is applied in case it is visible that the potential buyer goes on halls, at first sight, aimlessly, but if to look a little more deeply, it appears, he pursues some aim.

If the person comes into shop, then he is interested in the commodity group presented in this shop. You never come into shop if what is in it, for example, in shop of special literature of narrow specialization which does not interest you is not interesting to you and if you came there, so it somehow concerns you, so to you interestingly what books are presented there.

Thus, it is obvious that there are no aimlessly wandering people and cannot be, each person doing something, making some act, pursues some aim, start up also not obvious.

You look for something? - this phrase is also abstract, but it is heavy to avoid it too. It is necessary to apply it if you obviously see that the potential buyer runs eyes, or in literal sense, in search of something. In some exceptional cases the potential buyer can answer is not present it with an accuracy of ninety nine percent means that the person just was mistaken a door or he has a bad mood.

To avoid abstract questions, it is necessary to watch closely very much the visitor and to somewhat catch his psychological spirit and emotional mood

the Concretizing questions

I see, you became interested (The name of goods)? - It is applied in case the potential buyer paid attention to concrete model, and it is possible, even took it in hand and considers.

You select (The name of goods)? - It is applied in case the potential buyer considers concrete group of goods.

You want to pick up (The name of goods)? ; - Also it is applied in case the potential buyer considers concrete group of goods.

It is better to add the phrase to the concretizing questions (on whom) or (for whom) if it is about the corresponding goods, for example: I see, you became interested in a sviterok for the girl? - in this phrase the word " sweater; it is used in umenshitelno - a caressing form that in turn has on a friendly spirit, use umenshitelno - a caressing form of names is desirable in conversation. Couple more of examples: You want to pick up a jacket on yourself? You want to pick up trousers to the son? - in this phrase the word " is used; son such specification needs to be inserted only in case precisely you know that it is the son of the potential buyer or if to hocheshpolstit. And the flattery is always pertinent, it lets to feel to the person the best, one and only that in turn disposes to communication.

How to be with negative answers

to you are often answered I just look or something similar: in this case it is necessary to tell the potential buyer, for example, that all models are hung out, and on shelves they lie, the different sizes - it will allow the potential buyer to orient quicker, and you should not put once again what he developed on shelves. If the buyer at you is interested in the size, so it already specifically to itself(himself) selects something and with an accuracy of 70% is ready to get to itself(himself) the model interesting him, it needs only information and the recommendation of you to make the decision.

Negative answers there can be a set and people are not tired to exercise the wit in their invention, in such cases you need to depart on distance of meters of seven and to unostentatiously see off the potential buyer in his walk on shop and most likely, he still will address you and you will have an opportunity to talk to it.

Good luck is guaranteed to you if to strive for it, good luck!