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That for the " project; World Wall or How to immortalize the name?

In the world are known seven wonders of the world. All of them are rather ancient. Really now, presently, people forgot to surprise the world? Obviously, authors of the " project also thought; World Wall . And, having got down to business, threatened on the eighth wonder of the world. Most likely, you heard nothing about this project yet as it started only on April 19, 2007. What the project is, and its construction is for what purpose planned, I also will try to you as it is possible to tell in more detail.

Idea of the " project; World Wall consists in a unification of people irrespective of skin color, religion and the place where they live. In aspiration to unity our force, our future and our descendants. And now each of us has an opportunity to take part in this good deed, having immortalized the name.

What represents this project? The model of an enormous complex which will include park with a total area of 47 hectares where will establish granite steles on which names, surnames, year and the birthplace of 65 million people will be engraved is at the moment developed.

Why this quantity, you can ask. It is exactly 1% of all population of Earth. And any who will be registered as the participant has the right to immortalize the name for descendants on one of granite steles, which extent of 26000 meters. It also is World Wall .

In the center of park the pond in the middle of which on specially built island the Globe 35 meters high will be installed is planned. On the island will conduct 9 bridges. so it is Still planned to build a viewing tower with which it will be possible to survey a message a complex.

" project; World Wall it is carried out with the participation of the Latvian Red Cross. For construction Latvia is chosen as the place, and it is not casual. According to authors of the project, climatic conditions, absence of natural cataclysms, and also a close arrangement both to Europe, and to Asia will be made by visit of this complex available to most of inhabitants of the planet.

Construction will begin after on the registration website, data of 2 million people will be collected. Registration in the project at the moment makes symbolical 5 euros, but after the beginning of construction registration, perhaps, will become more expensive. According to forecasts it can increase up to 20 euros. On these means the complex will also be constructed.

It is planned to open park in 5 - 7 years after the beginning of construction. However, in the contract which you sign, becoming the participant, it is stipulated that if within 3 years the number of participants does not reach 2 million, then the project can be stopped. In this case a half of means will be listed on charity, in fund of the Red Cross. Other sum is intended for a covering of operating expenses of the project.

I, having for the first time seen information on this fantastic idea, had a desire to participate. It is pleasant to realize that my voice and my participation is part of big idea of unity. My descendants will be able to visit this unique place, to read my name on one of granite steles and know what in implementation of this idea is and washing, let small, a contribution.