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How to bring closer the dream?

Still before the person begins to dream, he feels sometimes strong and often not clear desires which are in his subconsciousness. He understands that there is a wish for something, but there is no clarity of what. The person has to call the desire, motivation about something, in other words, until this desire or motivation is defined and called, until then this person will not know the dream. When the dream is called, it haunts and forces to come back in different forms and images to it again and again.

But, unfortunately, even when the dream is known, it, often in most cases, remains unrealizable. Why? Yes all because the person did not make the dream the purpose.

- About! Again about the purposes! - someone will heavy sigh. Yes, my friend because the purpose is the strongest incentive for our advance, to stars. I joke, of course. But our dreams are very similar to stars and so there are a wish to reach and break, but is could not by all.

The person has to make the dream the purpose that it stopped being unrealizable. You are simply obliged, first of all, before by itself to begin to think more and more of what your dream let is difficult, but is feasible. Even if you also do not know HOW AND WHEN it will be executed. You just DECIDE to execute it and to realize all potential. Then your dream becomes the purpose. The person who has the purposes and sets a task to reach them can make almost impossible.

We are often similar to fishermen. Fishermen are different, thick, thin, high, low, elderly, young... Absolutely different. They not only different physically, but also intellectually. Everything depends on a spirit. What does the fisherman when comes to fishing want to catch today? Their purposes and expectations will be different too.

Davny - long ago I heard such history very similar to a joke.

Once upon a time there was a fisherman. Once he fished. A lot of different fish came across to it. But somehow strange it selected her. All big and beautiful fish the fisherman released back to the lake, and small, even absolutely makhonky, left in a bucket.

The young man passing by, long could not think, than this elderly fisherman is guided, releasing back in a reservoir the best fish? Also the question why there is in a bucket only least fish was asked? The fisherman not long thought. Probably, this question was asked it not for the first time. He answered that his wife has a frying pan with a diameter on length of such fish which it left. And big fish simply - naprosto is not located in their frying pan.

And so, my friend, morals of this parable. The frying pan is our thinking, that look and a spirit which we have. Fish - dreams. At someone they big, just huge. Someone gets used on - small to think. How the person, having a small frying pan, can fry the big big fish? Entirely will not be able, really will not be located. Or to cut fish on pieces, or to get a new big frying pan.

Each of reading now has the frying pan and catches the fish. The problem of the old fisherman was not that he did not catch big fish. It caught everyone, both big, and small. But left only small. The idea to bring home big fish was swept aside at once. As soon as such fish was caught, it at once released her.

The dream happens both big, and small. Big it is possible to segment, but - not to make big of a set of small. They and will remain small. Some people set the high purposes, but most of people set the purposes very moderate, very, in their opinion, reasonable.

As? Let`s begin to dream on - large? And let all our dreams will come true!