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Whether it is possible to sell information in the RuNet and what?

Everything began with mailing How to create and sell the book published on Subscribe. Ru. Mailing was not the most popular and subscribers at it was a little. But the name of mailing, was picked up correctly (a full merit of the author - study!), also beat that is called the cap fits creating a certain intrigue. And I was interested in the questions raised in the name of mailing.

Really whether it is possible to sell information directly? And really to the author, it is possible to sell books which she writes and creates independently? About what these books if she can sell them?

It turned out that the author, writes and sells the books from the website belonging to the category fentaz (it is an example and answers, on a question everything eager to publish own book, on questions how to be published and what it is possible to begin with?) .

of Hm , was thought to me - some fairy tales . To whom can they be necessary? Same not Harry Potter, and not the production technology of black caviar in house conditions (that too could interest)

But You represent, the PERSON REALIZES the CREATIVE ABILITIES of the WRITER, taking at the same time from the hobby also BENEFIT (material, I mean)!

So I received mailing (and still I receive it), and itself continued to think what qualities information that then it could be sold has to possess, whether perhaps it in the RuNet if of free materials on various subjects, in a network it is full on each website? Read thoughtfully and attentively further!

And here I faced, with the whole layer of people on the Internet who, just and earn by the fact that write and sell books. About what these books and why they are acquired so willingly by others? What they, writers some known? It turned out that is not present.

Simple guys (and girls), ladies and gentlemen absolutely different in age and degree of computer literacy, education, specialties, even just school students . What united all of them? Everything they managed that, it to get in free niche of the RuNet which had, has and will have, the target audience. Those to whom just bothered to hang around on the Internet, wasting money and which FOR THE FIRST TIME asked a question: - as from this Internet to receive though some sense ?

On it business of this category of manimeyker of the RuNet is also constructed. They, playing on this interest, make the money. It so to speak, top layer maintaining and the organization of INFORMATION business, with high extent of the competition (where I to you to be put I do not advise ., the train already left!....) .

But let`s take a broad view of their books, more, so that it was possible to characterize them in a word (or the phrase) to understand what forces people to buy them.

Reports, contango, trainings, e-books, audio of lecture ., all on one subject - to begin business on the Internet, it is easy even for the beginner, begin to be engaged in it and become successful! All of them - MOTIVATIONAL character. Their mission - to force you to come off a chair and to begin to move to the dream having believed in own forces. Cling for the most live, the simple surfer who raised before himself a question of an opportunity to earn in the Internet! That`s where the hen scratches!

Well, the appeal is good and can be heard. And having realized obvious, many already made it and began to be engaged in the same (appeals i.e.) but As well as in any business, the one who began with the first is successful! However, whether it is worth repeating, this method of obtaining the income (it would seem, already tested), is a subject worthy separate lighting.

There are also specific works which boleepodkhodit under definition - the accurate management for a solution . And SUCH materials are in great demand. And further, pomykavshis and having analysed subject of the offered materials, I made for myself 4 very much, interesting, in my opinion, a conclusion. REMEMBER them .

1. The success of the materials written on some subject directly depends on whether the author helped, to solve the arisen problem to the one who looked for this information (the solution of the arisen problem).

2. Whether it is rather full, it revealed her (quality of material).

3. The user, an opportunity to solve the arisen problem at one stroke attracts, having received in the order exhaustive material at once even if for this convenience, it is necessary to pay (speed of obtaining necessary information).

4. It is important at the same time, knowledge where to look for this information in an immense network (concentration of information on a certain subject, in one place).

All these qualities of information materials will also be guarantee of successful conducting own business of the similar type of service constructed on granting.

But it is also necessary to realize, that the Russian surfer, is not western! Here methods of sales by the principle the one who sells a beefsteak shkvorchaniye, but not a beefsteak " is successful; do not pass! He will go to buy most likely not there where there are goods available, and to the one to whom he got used to trust! Therefore creation of image of the entrusted seller - the main task of any manimeyker!

The person can doubt, but, pomykavshis on open spaces of a network and once Nadj a resource where qualitative information on the subject interesting him is concentrated, it will surely return!

As you think whether it will be ready after long searches and collecting of necessary information on particles having spent for it a heap of free time and having come across once what he so long looked for, to get from wide trouser-legs (no, not the passport) - a purse and to decide to BUY necessary? And if after the first purchase, it is satisfied with quality of material? Put yourself on its place?

Well and to ask sufferers a counter question - who it should - buy, loads and loads freebies? I will answer.

If you are capable to reflect soberly and are able to analyze a situation that LEARN to ESTIMATE in what search of this freebie can manage (I ask forgiveness for a slangy word so loved in the RuNet). I mean both money and precious time, and probable losses from a lack of the necessary information in due time! Moreover if it is (information), on a specific subject? Add

to all this, dispersion of material.

What is offered most often free of charge? An opportunity to look, povoskhishchatsya, esteem about something interesting that is done by others, but you will seldom meet - the detailed description of the process, some secrets, the accurate managements. you Want

an example? Well, here on a vskidka - try to collect the most detailed material on a subject, well for example - ceramics (yes though on any other)? So that you learned everything, from beginning to end and it is desirable that all this was in one place - what there is a clay and for what it will fit where it can be found how to store as previously to process it Etc., how most to construct the furnace for roasting and how to burn .

Here also answers to questions what information can be sold and what its part - to lay out in free access are covered.

A brought Above the recommendation, give an idea what properties the sold information at the organization of own information business has to possess if you want to remain in it for a long time.

We will sum up conclusions? Well, give shortly - Give to people that knowledge of a subject (which you already possess), who will solve their problem and will satisfy their curiosity. Tell about everything, available language as if you told about it to the friend, nothing not knowing about it, and they will be ready to pay you for this knowledge, having received them it is instant!

Now look at the knowledge and the experience which is available for you and information which you possess, through a business prism!?

the Organization of own information business with the help the Internet, it what everyone, creatively conceiving person is able to afford, besides, knowing about some problem firsthand! But beginning it, remember the most important - about reputation you as seller of QUALITATIVE information!

In the Internet business, to the careless shopkeeper, there is no place to hide! To lose what with such work achieved, it is possible in a flash! Think to be successful sellers!