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To Drink or not to drink?

Spring, rather good motive to drink, especially, when weather just squeals: Borrow, but bitterns! But, looking on peacefully sleeping bruise which occupied your bench in park, ask itself(himself) very rare question: The Bottle of beer is the beginning of the end?

Begin to drink regularly at the age of 17 - 18 years, someone earlier.

Note everything: holidays, days off, the beginning of session, the termination of it, tests, good day, bad day, and, above all is a universal melancholy as the long-playing reason and grief which how many do not heat in wine, all is not enough!

To the termination of institute part actively and passively philosophizing students are withdrawn, become alcoholics! Horror, nightmare, manifestation of the total lack of will!

Friends turn away, parents shocked, scandals, arrangements, and the end one - an antisocial element with cirrhosis.

Surrounding, healthy people around, think themselves the ruling desires, such racks in this world of alcoholism, with huge charisma and with excellent will power which was developed for many years fight.

Such righteous persons look down on become an inveterate drunkard, with condemnation and fastidiousness, it also is clear, the look them and a smell does not promote

the Medicine though says that this usual disease, but all - that is understood: the disease weak, the turncoats unworthy

Injustice of life consists in special enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase which is in a liver and fights against alcohol. Each person has an amount of this enzyme a miscellaneous, as causes the different resilience to alcohol!

The whole nations are genetically doomed to alcoholism from - for small contents of notorious enzyme.

At equal start, some people are in advance doomed to loss in fight against a green dragon, and not because were more weak in spirit or are worse brought up, the reason in genes, the reason in immunity to alcohol.

If, you were lucky not to get to alcoholic dependence and your organism did not betray you when you were on a life holiday, be glad to the destiny and help the neighbor! At which far ancestors did not disinfect water rum and wine which, in effect, were savages that from them you will take, they did not know that it will be so important for their descendant, the fan of beer and jars with cocktail.

But, also remember: if after the certain quantity drunk to you there is a wish for continuation of a banquet, be sure, alcohol dehydrogenase at you in prityk, and it is possible, deficiency terrible so do not risk! Spring, it and without beer is fine!