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The truth about network marketing...

About - about - about!. Pyramid!. Chur - chur me chur me

We live in the Information age and advertizing is the fact! Advertizing is information on goods for which firm - the producer pays huge money to mass media. But finally this advertizing is paid from our pockets, i.e. ordinary buyers since the price for this information / advertizing is always included in the goods price. And what to do?.

There is a solution of this question! Is very reliable economic " tool; who allows not to pay for advertizing, and to receive This tool is called - network marketing Oh!. What became?. Terribly?. You are afraid of pyramids?.

Relax. Our fears and doubts are quite normal. We are normal people, and the person - a being public. Here also the dog is buried! In society there is an inveterate and outdated public opinion (a brake stereotype) - fear before pyramids structures of network marketing.

Yes, unfortunately: 1) Once someone suffered from financial pyramids - MMM Selenga Lord ... Unfortunately Swindlers feel opportunities quicker, and they the first used this POWERFUL instrument of advertizing. 2) Someone, having joined in the companies of network marketing and having begun to work according to their plan, faced the same public stereotype, and could not build the network, and as a result did not receive that he wanted. And reasons failure there could be hundreds more. 3) Someone from public leaders once badly responded about pyramids from screens of TVs and from pages of newspapers RESULT: all this generated negative and steady public opinion to structures of network marketing.

Though - the national rumor holds back bigger quantity of positive cases when many people could escape from poverty thanks to network marketing. Simply - human nature is so arranged that fears more influence our life and our choice. So-called - an instinct self-preservation . And from - for it very often fear before pyramids seeded in our subconsciousness by outdated public opinion, affects our decision subconsciously.

And look around: Army - generals, officers, sergeants, soldiers; The Power - the president, ministers, deputies, oligarchs, chiefs; Trade - producers, wholesalers, small wholesale, shops, buyers; The Family tree - grandmothers - grandfathers, fathers - mothers, children - grandsons. And Internet!. The pyramidal structure is only the mechanism for the solution of any tasks. And in structure of the Universe, and society, the pyramidal structure (network / hierarchy) as it is the most reliable and steady " is always put; geometrical figure. And in economy it is the most powerful and ambitious tool for development and growth. It is proved by the following facts: In Europe and America more than 60% of goods are acquired through the companies of network marketing. These companies develop exactly, steadily and without crises. As advertizing expatiates on goods from the friend to the friend - it rigidly guarantees high quality of goods.

also compare a level of quality of goods and a standard of living?.

Some are afraid of network marketing from - that allegedly soon it will be impossible to develop a network further from - for saturation. Statistically in Russia only 10% of number of the working population are engaged in network marketing. In America this employment grew to 60% in 50 years. Therefore it is possible not to be afraid of saturation of the market in Russia as early as years 50 and more.

And as for MMM Selenga Lords and others... as they say: In any herd there will be a black sheep or Every family has its black sheep . At that time existed some more and other companies based on network marketing. And people acquired goods, and earned.

And still interesting fact: we already all are participants of network marketing - carriers and distributors of advertizing / information... Vanya to Manya on tea Came. Treated Attracting Vanya good tasty tea. Recognized Wan from Manya where she bought this tea. And next day Vanya came in selmag too and bought the same " tea; - familiarly? Than not advertizing? And who will pay you for advertizing?

And seemed in cool clothes?. the result - in shop turn, at the producer is the income. And who made advertizing?. Paid you?. And network marketing allows to receive money for similar ADVERTISING is the fact.

Once again properly think! Why to be a hostage of subconscious fears and unjustified, inveterate and OUTDATED public stereotypes?.

The one who

wins against himself is truly mighty.

Only those who are not afraid of big failures

will be able to make great progress.

All complain of a lack of money,

complains nobody of a lack of determination.