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How it is correct to look for potential clients at forums?

Many of us talk to different forums, but as it appears, on it it is possible also to make good money very much! Just because I talked to forums, I also received the first sales! But at first I even could not present that only from - for the fact that I communicate with the friends and just fine I spend the time, I can also earn money in passing.

If you already long enough communicate at the same forum and at the same time offer some services or sell something, I am sure, you already by means of the trust earned by you from a forum sold the service or information product more than once.

And with it it is silly to argue and reject it, but these need to be able to use, and in this article I just and I want to tell you about how it becomes.

1. It is not necessary to advertize your service / goods in each new topic or to hint through each post that all need your goods to

It is very big mistake of all beginners and not only. Many think that if they about the product tells or advise more often it to buy, then after that it will have just a sea of orders and all learn about these goods and will be only about it and to speak.

But actually, to this seller will just lower reputation or it is even worse, will just ban.

It is necessary to advertize your goods only when it is really necessary to someone from forumites. That`s it then it is necessary to hint it that your goods / service can solve its problem in no time.

2. We advertize services and goods only at thematic forums

It already it seems the most clear that can only be, but sometimes to me meet at entertaining forums the signature Earn 9999 dollars a month " here;. Ridiculously, truth?

If you offer services in advance of the website in search engines, then you need to communicate and communicate only on SEO - forums. But if you hang in various entertaining forums and write to signatures I will remove your website in a top - 10 Yandex for only $500 a month about a response and orders I ask you even not to think.

Though, perhaps, several orders at you will also be, but it is very improbable.

3. Your reputation at a forum is very big incentive to purchase from you something

Reputation, as well as in life, and on the Internet - very valuable thing. Only at forums it is measured in several types. This number of messages at a forum, karma (rating).

The more at you messages at a forum, the is more to you trust. If you offer one service and you will have for this moment 3 - 4 messages, then about clients you can just forget. Many will think that you either the spammer, or the flimflammer who will take money from the client and will be gone. But if at you is already messages 500 - 1000, then sales and orders will grow.

Karma (reputation). Here everything is simple, the more the better. The main thing that it grew and was not minuses. Excellent piece, it is possible to define at once whether you should be trusted or not Also you should not forget

that if on a forum 10 - 20 people a day come, then and orders will not be at all. Communicate on more - less untwisted forums.

4. Reviews of forumites of your work

It is in general very strong thing and if responses are positive and you will have a good reputation, then orders at you will be much (if the forum attended).

It is desirable that these responses wrote in that subject in which you offer the service. From this the advertizing text with responses, questions and thanks real people whom it will be possible to contact then will turn out as if.

In order that you had several responses at once, it is possible to provide free of charge your goods or service to forumites who have a high reputation (it already to you to solve). And in exchange to ask them to leave a positive or negative comment. Usually people write

positive responses!

5. At forums

Here I would like to tell the best way of effective advertizing to you, about one very good way to advertize your service or a product at forums.

All you need is, it just to create a new subject in the special section of a forum and there to paint in more detail your service.

Further we write users of a forum with good reputation, they leave you good comments and you have first clients.

And in order that this subject with the description of your service was visited by as much as possible forumites, you add the reference to a subject in the signature and do the small description of 2 - 3 words.

After all this is already ready, you continue to communicate and enjoy life further. If you have at a forum already of 1000 messages, then to you to a subject there will be a good inflow of visitors. The more you will leave messages in different subjects, the more through your signature of people I will pass into your advertizing subject


Here you and taught how it is correct to advertize your services and goods in forums and at the same time to receive crowds of clients.

Remember these rules and just communicate, without any mercenary purpose, and everything at you will turn out!