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How to take shares?

Statistically, the Russian economy shows quite good growth rates. Of course, it is possible not to trust official statistics, but it seems that it does not contradict reality. Since 2000 after prices of oil in the world market directed up, the income of the Russian enterprises and citizens began to increase. Growth of purchasing power of citizens is visible to

without any statistics: new hypermarkets and distribution networks grow as mushrooms. Of course, it is possible just to watch it and to rejoice to recovery of the economy of the native land. And it is possible and to participate in this process . One of the most pleasant moments in this participation is the section of profit.

Who possesses joint-stock companies? To shareholders! Of course, to the ordinary person not to find money for purchase of a large share of the stocks Gazprom Sberbank or Rosneft . However, even existence of 1 action grants full authority for participation in company management and receiving a share of profit in the form of dividends .

Many consider that it is very difficult to take shares. According to a cinema image the exchange represents the building filled with the shouting men, and for purchase of shares suitcases of money are necessary. Actually, everything is much simpler. To acquire shares, it is necessary to sign the contract with the broker - the official intermediary between the exchange and the private investor. Signing of this contract is not more difficult than registration of the deposit in bank. The broker will get the account - depot on which the acquired securities will be stored. The broker will take commission charges of about 0,1% of an amount of transaction for the services. He will monitor timely receipt of dividends and payment of taxes. As a rule, the broker carries out these operations free of charge. It is possible to submit applications for purchase / sale of securities on the Internet or by phone. The broker carries out only functions of the intermediary, actions register addressed to the actual owner - the private investor. The prices are quite available - 10 thousand rubles it is possible to build a quite good portfolio of shares.

What actions to choose? It is a difficult question. The analysis of investment appeal of actions - serious science. But there are also quite easy ways quite available to the ordinary citizen. It is possible to acquire shares of the companies which services often should use in everyday life. we pay For gas To Gazprom for electricity - RJSC UES of Russia for gasoline - To Lukoil in " shops; Seventh continent we buy " candies; Red October we pay receipts in Sberbank ...

All listed companies get profit on the activity. Why not to take part in its distribution? Researches of the American stock market show that throughout the long periods of stock quotation steadily grow . Great depression 20 - x years on the centenary schedule looks a small pole. Approximately also on long-term schedules of the Russian actions crisis of 1998 will look.

By the way, about crises. Bank deposits in mass consciousness are considered as the most reliable way to invest money. In 1998 the huge number of the Russian banks was ruined, their investors did not receive anything. Holders of the shares of the Russian enterprises during crisis suffered the losses connected with strong fall of quotations too, however now the prices are at the levels considerably exceeding pre-crisis. Hypothetically, the person who took shares in the most unsuccessful time (on the eve of crisis of 1998), would get very quite good profit on the invested capital. At the same time, from 1998 to 2008 was not ruined any Russian company which stocks are submitted at the exchange .

Convincing arguments? Perhaps it is time to acquire a few shares of the local telephone company? Then growth of tariffs for phone instead of usual irritation will cause positive emotions (and the profit - that my company grows)! And if in addition to take shares of large producers of food, then and the increase in prices for products will be (well, at least partly) is compensated by increase in profitability of own investments.