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To drink or not to drink?. TRUE reasons of Alcoholism!!!

TRUE reasons of Alcoholism!!!

Read attentively, learn the reasons, realize / eradicate

root of all evil also receive treatment!

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To drink or not to drink?.

I Want to tell a toast - So the concerning and joyful minutes of any solemn events in life of almost each person, from the birth and to a grave begin. So begin, and how come to an end???

But, the toast is only words which eulogize or celebrate this or that event. And further drinkable ritual of absorption, as usual, of alcoholic drink follows.

But as it is known, alcohol is intracellular poison. Why such disagreement? - We speak about good, and we drink POISON.

Many, of course, here will not agree. And it is correct!?!

- Wine weakens

- Doctors advise

- the Spirit amuses - It is useful for

, is cheerful

- should be Drunk culturally

- our parents drank, and we than worse ...

- Helps to forget about a grief

- the holiday

- a toast - business sacred helps to amuse

- etc.

Let`s think nevertheless, and we will try to understand together - to drink or not to drink? Let`s find answers to the following questions: what is alcohol? what properties it possesses? how alcohol affects our organism? what is told about alcohol in the bible? why all drink? to stop drinking - it is impossible? what to replace it with? how to recover if already you are ill? what reasons of alcoholism? etc.

Many consider that alcoholism is physiological dependence, and that if ached, then allegedly it is almost incurable. I can please you: alcoholism is not physiological, but psychological dependence. So, if to think, then for all 100% it is possible to recover. And still good news: alcoholism is only a habit. Popular wisdom says: the habit has an otvychka . Let`s consider how we get this habit. And, knowing about the reasons, we will eliminate them and we will get rid of consequences:

The person has several basic needs: food warmly light toilet communication and of course LOVE . One of deep and very serious requirements - to love and be darling. This requirement is put by God in our consciousness since the birth. Here then origin of an ill-fated habit under the name " also begins with the childhood; alcoholism .

Aged, approximately from two to seven years, since the moment when the child begins to realize himself as the personality and speaks - I, to exit in society, on Wednesday to - similar, in a kindergarten or in school. Then the child tries to satisfy need for love, communicating with the parents. And what often he receives?. Leave alone I have no time do not climb etc.

A if parents drank a little?. Usyu - syu - syu, Asya - sya - sya on you candies, on you " gingerbreads; All know that it is not good to drink it, here and try to justify themselves before the child. And maybe true feelings appear - that at sober on mind, at drunk in language. And what happens to mentality of the child?. He has satisfaction with LYUBOV... And result (?) ... in subconsciousness of the child the vital assessment of value is put: to drink alcohol is well! . Besides at this age parents for the child are an ideal in imitation. Here to you and main seed, or root of the notorious evil. And notice when we drink moderately? Or culturally ? What holiday without alcohol?. How many these ill-fated seeds in soul of each child?. And all of us passed through this seeder. And even in the bible it is noticed: Children pay for sins of parents .

We will think And unless to drink - it is a sin?. In the bible there are also such words: Do not kill and Do not do much harm to the God`s temple . Can do it not absolutely precisely and literally, but approximately so. And, on facts in evidence medical scientifically it is absolutely precisely established - alcohol is intracellular poison. Alcohol molecules slowly and precisely kill living cells of our organism. And according to the same Bible our body is God`s temple . I.e. ourselves commit murder of in the temple. Unless it is not a sin???

Further, the child grows to teenage age of 12 - 15 years. At this age there is a fixing of the vital estimates received earlier - seeds sprout. The teenager tries to become independent, to become the adult, will ego-trip. And what adults forbid children, but afford?. Means, you want to become the adult - do what is possible only for adults. Also there is all this at the level of subconsciousness, i.e. is not analyzed. And here strengthening of root of all evil happens for the following reasons: a) at drinking there pass fears and what teenager does not want to be courageous and abrupt; b) + effect of the company; c) + euphoria, high, drunk waste; d) satisfaction of youthful maximalism - drunk the sea knee-deep. Etc. And minuses practically nothing: a) poshatyvaniye and podtashnivaniye, it`s all right, but cheerfully; b) indignation of adults and parents - so is also necessary to them Generally not minuses and one pluses.

We will consider some more moments which are around us and too strengthen root of all evil. Come into any grocery store Who does not love the brilliant and bright packed goods? Where healthy men are ready to be humiliated and stand in a queue? what gives to goods still great informal value.

On the fact that some weaknesses are expostulated on medicine, a pier - doctors advise. Advise only those who are sick. To be ill together more cheerfully.

We will turn to the following question. Alcohol is an organic compound, in common people just alcohol. Is good solvent, and possesses such property - very well and deeply gets into organic fabrics. On physical properties possesses big power consumption and at the same time easily evaporates. Such feeling when smear before a prick spirit cotton wool is familiar to all - cools. And that is why. At evaporation from a body surface, alcohol sharply takes away energy of cells of skin, and all live organisms on its surface. Thereby kills all viruses and bacteria. And dryness of skin after greasing by alcohol, this necrosis of living cells of skin. I will repeat: on medical norms alcohol is intracellular poison. Someone, perhaps, will tell: And how drugs, medical tinctures on alcohol? It just from - for abilities of alcohol to get deep into organic fabrics. If, for example the organism does not accept any preparation, detains in intestines, and further filters through a liver. Solution with alcohol passes that freely and cannot resist. And now think what does alcohol when gets to blood?. And further there is a following: from food alcohol in addition dissolves various slags and toxins, and directly delivers in blood. I think, the state after " is familiar to the majority; good feasts. The organism is ill, will not be exempted from all these slags and poisons yet. And guess why the head hurts after yesterday`s ? Alcohol also killed some cells of a brain. And it is fraught with dullness, marasmus and a degeneration. Still confirmation of these words - the reek of alcohol. Its nature is simple - alcohol punched all protective barriers of an organism: intestines, liver, kidneys. And fight is entered by endocrine glands, let out special hormones which promote release of slags and toxins from an organism through mucous membranes and skin, the organism begins to self-clean. Here also bears vigorous then and the reek of alcohol for kilometer.

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