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How to escape to the poor spammer?

Hello, dear companion Spamer!

By means of this letter I would like to facilitate your ungrateful work and to open for you the new horizons in mass mailing of e-mails.

For a start I will explain, why you need to listen to my recommendations .

Already not a secret that not matter and even not energy operates the world. Information operates the world. And information - very strong thing. It is already scientifically proved that the thought - is material, and the directed thought can influence people and objects.

And now present that you stand on a tribune (for example during meeting), and opposite to you there are one thousand angry people and sends you not wishes of health at all. Presented?

Now present that each negative thought which they send you affects your health, changes field structure of molecules of water in your organism and will debalance their work. Whether long you will stretch under such influence?

And here the most unpleasant moment in your work that such, thinking of you people, not one thousand and not ten thousand, and... how many addresses in your base? Ten million? Ten million people abuse you bad words after each mailing. Very harmful statistics...

It is necessary to do with it something, you do not find?

The most obvious exit - not to use spam in your advertizing campaign. To open the official mailing on professional servers of mailings and to sleep peacefully.

But... time of it does not occur, probably you have good reasons to endow the health for the sake of such insignificant return. Then it is necessary to go some other way.

The way which I offer you is very simple . It is strange that you still did not use it. Its essence here in what.

It is necessary to make your mass mailings interesting to all recipients . Or at least for their most part.

How? Yes it is very simple!

Give to the recipient FREE OF CHARGE something useful! Something for the sake of what the srednestatichesky Internet user in general should open your letter.

The simplest - add to the beginning of the advertizing letter free good advice . Something that the simple inhabitant could put into practice, without spending the money. The union indestructible failed long ago, but our country still - the Country of Councils. But you remember

that council has to be really useful. It is even better if it is any trade secret.

If any council does not come to your mind - also the thematic joke will suit . The good humour is loved by all and if your joke is ridiculous, fresh and in a subject - the recipient will linger on your letter and will read up it to the advertizing block. And if the joke is very good - that possibly and will send it to the friends.

But, be afraid of humour below a belt, otherwise the effect can be the return. The American humour not for the Russian audience.

At the worst - add a weather forecast (if you dispatch on any certain regions).

Generally - show the imagination, remember what information is demanded at your audience. Look on the Internet that is looked for by others and give them it free of charge.

Further, sender and subject of the letter . It is clear, that at mass mailing it is necessary to conceal the real address and a name. But how about trust? Remember advertizing: Hi! I Vadik am called. Let`s be on friendly terms. Here nearby - round the corner . Silly, truth? Nobody will buy anything at spam - the " robot; Vadik who hides for pexu8glctwdxw@farmieh. com.

Think up decent e - instead of a senseless set of letters and subscribe mail by a full full name even if also a letter Subject it is better not for yours to make

neutral , but close to contents. On it it should not be visible that this offer. For example, instead of Gifts by March 8 less than $50 it is better to ask: What to present for March 8? . The question in a subject means that you will give some good advice in a body of the letter and at the end offer something from the goods.

If the subject is absolutely not in the subject the recipient will feel deceived, and it - is very bad for your business.

Registration . If you want to make your mailing more attractive - clean these tasteless shouting colors and foolish headings. At the sight of heading of the letter typed by capital letters and red color I do not manage even to begin it to read. The conditioned reflex and hand works itself presses To Remove .

Choose softer colors and normal letters . Inscriptions capital letters are associated with shout and if to you someone suddenly begins to shout BUY! - you buy?

Create the template, individual and pleasant for reading letters that recipients recognized him and did not delete at least for the sake of that joke or good advice which you will add to the letter. Also do not forget to pick up nice and well readable fonts. The letter typed by Times New Roman moreover and looks italics kustarno and not readably.

Further - if in the text block more than 3 - x offers - break the text into separate paragraphs and divide them an interval. Reading the continuous text, it is easy to lose a line, and with it and interest in further reading.

Size . It is intuitively clear that huge letters, that offer fast earnings in this or that new the project, nobody will read. Your letter has to find room on a half of the page (taking into account useful information). At most - on the whole page.

Also should not be fond of the attached files . If you cannot in two paragraphs with one picture describe your offer, then perhaps you should asking someone to make short to the summary of your offers.

We will sum up the result :

1. The attractive advertizing letter has to be small, begin with really interesting or useful information and come to an end with the unostentatious advertizing block.

2. It should not be similar to advertizing, and it is rather on a friend advice, but at the same time to have pleasant registration and the contact information inspiring trust.

3. The subject of the letter has to intrigue, and contents - not to deceive expectations.

Simply, truth? And result - tremendous. People around concern to you as well as you treat them.

If they for you - just faceless weight in which it is possible to throw something and jumps out a money, then and you for them will be just spam - the robot which interferes in their private possession, spoils life and has to be destroyed at any cost.

So - the choice for you :

1. To remain the unknown breaker of rules of decency.

2. To become the kind, but persuasive guest.

3. To completely transfer the mailing to official servers and to give to readers freedom to choose you.

I believe that you will make a right choice.