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What is Google AdSense?

Here we will light the general moments: what is Google AdSense that offers and what demands,

ATTENTION! If you yet not full age, also are him at a distant day - can not read that further, only the persons which reached majority are allowed to participation in the program.

An offer essence from Google AdSense

of Google AdSense - system of automatic selection of advertizing for your website . In other words - it defines a subject of the concrete page of the website and inserts on it advertizing on this subject.

For example on the page about new games it will insert the advertizing block about new games, but not about chulochny products or reinforced concrete designs. And at several possible options the advertiser who will give maximum price for click - such express - auction for advertisers will be chosen :).

If over time you decide to change contents of this page - the advertizing block also to adapt to a new subject - without your participation.

Sometimes it happens that among advertisers can appear and your direct competitors - on this case are Filter of announcements of competitors - having specified in setting up the reference to their websites you exclude them from pages of the website once and for all.

From the same series - Filters, contents - Google automatically filters announcements which will be improper.

In an improbable case when Google cannot provide the aimed announcements for your page, there is an option of display of announcements by default at your choice, or just to leave fields empty. It guarantees,

that your space is always used so effectively as far as possible .

Registration of announcements - too is almost completely subject to you - Google allows to adjust a type of announcements for full compliance to registration of the website, choosing from 200 flowers and 24 set color palettes (You can create and keep your own palettes).

The same system gives to an opportunity to place with itself a form of search in your website and on all other Internet - that is the visitor can look for something without leaving your website and search results will be given in that look which you will choose. Also It should be noted that by such search to the visitor also references to the websites of advertisers who pay for cliques will be issued.

Result: the visitor - found that looked for, you - received for it money.

In a set complete control of efficiency of announcements by means of the adjusted on-line reports is provided to : numbers of pageviews, clicks and rating of clicks. You can group results or sort them by URL, the domain, type of the announcement, category, etc.

One more remarkable opportunity - attraction of referrals . Google provides the special block thanks to which the visitor registered in Google AdSense by means of your referalny reference and in

further part of its income from advertizing you gain.

Now about that, how to receive the earned denyushka . There is small minus - payment to be made by checks a minimum of 100 dollars. That is - so far on your account not to collect this sum - the check will not come.

But even if the sum is also saved up - there will pass some time until the check reaches you - it can take few months. But if you do not hurry anywhere - that can and be waited :).

Needless to say that Google will not pay for the arranged cliques and referrals and if notices such disgrace - can break off the agreement without explanations. So in respect of honesty it is necessary to be careful .


About placement of advertizing blocks - no more than 3 - x advertizing blocks, 2 - x fields of search and one button of referrals on one page.

cannot Also place them on pages where there is nothing except advertizing, or at all there is no text. Quite logically - contextual announcements have to be in the context of something.

Click on the advertisement of Google should not cause opening of a new window of the browser. Probably it is connected with protection against persuasive advertizing in pop-up windows.

Cannot encourage visitors with inscriptions it seems click here, support us, and so on. The advertiser should not pay for inappropriate cliques.

Should not place on one page advertizing from Google and from third-party advertisers, and other advertizing on your website should not imitate advertizing from Google.

still some restrictions Are, it is possible to learn about them in more detail in Rules of system.

, It seems, all this that it is possible to tell in brief about Google AdSense :)

So if you have the website and would like to give more time to work on it, but not search of advertisers and placement of their advertizing, and at the same time are ready for long-term cooperation, then Google AdSense - very good choice.