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How it is correct to equip our house? (Look of the wise Chinese)

The Fan - Shui in translation literally means wind and » water;. In China long ago, arose this art harmonious   a little more than two thousand years ago; lives with the world surrounding to us. The fan - Shui is directly connected with transformation of the house into a source of a cosiness, health and all wellbeing.

If to look through the principles the fan - Shui, the house - it is powerful the tank of diverse energy filling the residents, the same quality with which it is rich. Any violation integrity of your house demonstrates that its energy is worsened.

In this article it will be a question of identification of various zones which are responsible for certain conditions of our house (apartment) and their activization.

B the fan - Shui is two main schools: School of forms and School of a compass. It agrees the first, the attention first of all is paid to a geographical arrangement of a landscape and construction of housing taking into account these provisions. It agrees the second, there are five elements: fire, earth, metal, water and tree. Each person, the living being or a subject corresponds from one these elements. From the help of the special table it is possible to define what element it treats (for definition of your element contact me on E - mail), the knowledge of the element helps to organize the life and habitat as appropriate.

According to School of a compass in the fan - Shui in the beginning by means of a compass parts of the world of your house (apartment) are defined. And then on the plan of the apartment the symbolical grid   is imposed; from nine equal rectangles 33. These rectangles:


- the East - richness (Tree) of

the South - glory (Fire) of

of Hugo - the West - marriage (Earth) of

the East - a family (Tree) of

the Center - health

the West - children (Metal)

of Severo - the East - knowledge (Earth) of

the North - career (Water) of

of Severo - the West - the help, travel (Metal)

After definition of various zones in your dwelling it is possible to be engaged in transformation of the same zones.

the Zone of wealth is responsible for your prosperity and receipt of money to the house. This zone is made active by means of crystals which can be suspended to a ceiling or to arrange on shelves, house plants and metal (Chinese) coins.

the Zone of glory is the South which bears responsibility for your situation in society, Means of activization is the element connected with fire and also diplomas, awards your and different objects of recognition of your situation in society. It is possible to arrange peacock feathers or images of the soaring eagle here.

a marriage Zone - Hugo - the West. Its activization will positively affect relationship between spouses. If you are lonely and want to find the partner in life or to improve mutual understanding in marriage, then images of beautiful and happy couples will serve as objects of activization, and also arrange in a corner to steam of red candles which it is possible to see at restaurants at a romantic dinner.

the Zone of a family settles down in the east, this corner is a symbol of people close to you. Improvement of this zone needs to be made from the help of family photos, place the objects connected with close people here the houseplant is also recommended to arrange.

the Zone of children is the western part of the apartment. If you had a problem of generations, then place here a subject which precedes an element of yours the child. In the absence of children strengthen lighting and arrange kristallik.

the Zone of knowledge as we know, is located on North - the East. Here it is good to place, the working room for scientific work or a desktop for cerebration, a book shelf. It is possible to improve this zone a crystal or the globe, an element of this corner - the earth.

the Zone of career is located in the north at home. Make active this zone when you think to promote on an office ladder or you want to improve the business. Here the beautiful place for phone, the fax or the computer. And it is also possible to arrange the TV.

the Zone of the help and travel is in North - the western part of the house. This zone is responsible for unexpected and unforeseen receipts of money or the help, and still she bears responsibility for your travel and movements. Here it is necessary to arrange metal hand bells for activization. Arrange photos or images of those countries where you wish to go in travel. arrange

In a health zone which is in the center of your house (apartment) the spiritual center, hang up a chandelier with crystalline lenses and take care of good lighting of this place.

I think, changes in your house taking into account these recommendations will bring you desirable results and will add to you happiness and wellbeing.