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How to create the Internet - community? We Will assume

, you wanted to open own the Internet - community. Without going into detail concerning the reasons of such act, we will try to understand from what party to approach business and what to begin it with.

The first that it is necessary to understand accurately for himself - the purpose creations of community. It can be any, from to earn money to to become famous for the whole world through to find the husband or to help homeless animals . No matter, what purpose - it is important that you see it accurately and you do not substitute for something another. Not any purpose is worthy to declare it publicly, but it has to be known to you. It minimizes mistakes at all stages of development of community.

It is necessary to determine by the following step target audience and that principle by which it will unite. A certain focus of interest acts as uniting (business, educational, entertaining, art, household, etc.) or territory. The portrait of target audience has to sketch at least age and sexual (if it is important) structure, education level or an occupation, extent of acquaintance to the Internet and virtual communities (depends on it, how strongly you will be able to load community functionality and whether there will be a division of users into groups on experience level).

Check uniqueness your plan, having looked for similar communities on the Internet. If you are going to open the website for motorists, then it will be very difficult for you to compete with the similar websites which exist long ago, have the traditions and a captive audience. The key to success consists or in the choice of a unique subject, or in granting such opportunities which are not in other communities. In other cases to tire out in community of people it will be very difficult and by and large and to anything - why to you a role of the doubler? At this stage your initial plan is subjected to test which result will be or full refusal of it, or its change. If it is obvious that you are going to create something that already where - that is, it is better to refuse this idea at once. Otherwise you will just in vain spend time.

If test is passed, it is necessary to think about to the take-off " platform;. Clear business, a platform of community is the Website . What it will be the website? Who will create it, or it is already created? Whether he uses ready components or development from scratch for your specific objectives is required? Who will be engaged in its development, placement and technical support? Whether there will be a chat, a forum, reference catalogs, blogs, galleries of images there? Consider those opportunities which you want to provide to participants. Whether it is possible to realize them how to make it how many it costs and what is the time will borrow? Whether there will be a community flexible whether it can add features in the course of work? It will be how convenient in it to you and participants? Whether there will be it fast or slow, lung (the text and is a little graphics) or heavy (video, animation, a sound, is a lot of graphics).

Find of adherents . The easiest way to provide fast development to the community - to catch requirement and to realize it. Let`s assume, you somewhere saw or heard how someone speaks about something that is not enough for it. And there is a lot of such talk. Take an interest, these people would begin to use those opportunities which you can offer. If such couple of tens people are gained at least, it is possible to begin. The rest will be made by competent strategy of advance. However even if the expressed requirement to you did not manage to find, but the first three stages are passed successfully, then it is worth trying. The appetite comes during a meal.