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What is a hosting and as to choose it?

Word hosting call services in placement of the website on the Internet. The hosting - provider or a hoster is called the company providing such services.

If you have a website, it means that you anyway already used services of a hoster, or it was made for you. If you are only going to create the website and you will need its placement, then it is worth thinking of the choice of provider in advance. Further the main characteristics which should be taken into account at the choice are listed.

1. Cost

If at you is the small simple hypertext website (the hypertext document the file in HTML format is called) without forums, guest books, control systems of contents, etc., and to you it is unimportant how many days a year and hours a day it will be available, then also the free hosting will approach. In all other cases it is better to pay to have warranties of steady work. Besides, registration of the domain (a name on which visitors will address your website, taking him in an address line of the program a web - the navigator) anyway is paid service. Many a hosting - providers provide it together with placement of the website. An average hosting for a year together with registration of the domain in a zone. ru will cost about 2000 - 2500 rubles.

2. Disk space

different providers have different tariff plans including granting this or that volume of disk space for your website. Keep in mind that if you are going to hold movies on the website, music or a large number of graphics, then the place it will be required much more, than in a case with hypertext documents.

3. The traffic

As a rule, paid placement assumes an unlimited traffic (volume of the information transferred and received from your website), however some providers set restrictions for its volume. It becomes in order that too heavy or actively visited sites did not slow down work of other websites placed with the same provider.

4. Access on FTP In most cases the hoster gives to

an opportunity of access to the website under the FTP protocol (the protocol of a file transfer). It allows to download, change and delete rather easily and quickly files from the website by means of the FTP program - the client. For you it will look the same as management of files on your local computer.

5. Support of scenarios

Scenarios, or scripts, are called the programs written in the languages PHP, Perl, ASP and others. They are dynamic contents of the website, with their help function a web - shops, forums, chats, guest books, bulletin boards, catalogs, votes, news lines, galleries, calendars, mailings, search in the website, games and counters. That scenarios worked, it is necessary that the provider provided their support. Therefore if dynamic contents of your website are written, for example, in the Perl language, then your provider has to support this language, and you or someone another has to be able to adjust scenarios so that they were correctly carried out.

6. Support of databases without databases - in them is stored by

In the Internet anywhere all information which volumes do inconvenient use of text files. Databases are necessary to any websites where registration and authorization (an entrance on a name and the password) users is used. They are necessary to forums, shops and catalogs. It is better to make the choice of base along with selection of a hosting - otherwise it can turn out that the hoster does not support it. The most widespread option is MySQL, but also others meet. It is also quite good to take an interest what access is provided by provider to your databases, it will be how convenient to operate them after placement of the website.

7. Technical support

If you are going to open the serious website calculated on audience in several thousands of people a day, then prepare for regular communication with a support service of your hoster. And for this purpose support has to at least - to be. Its appointment is in answering all your questions connected with work of the website and to eliminate malfunctions. Be convinced that it is available by phone in your city when it can be required by you. Often the service of technical support works round the clock.

There is a weight more of the interesting and useful services provided a hosting - providers, however first of all it is worth paying attention on listed as work of your website will depend on them.