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How with taste to regale on strawberry?

are A little more, still slightly - slightly, and the sun will begin to shine absolutely as in summer, warming up the earth and caressing the beams a grass. As soon as in air begins to smell in the summer, I feel strawberry smack in a mouth. The most, perhaps, unforgettable summer delicacy - it is strawberry, strawberry directly from a bed. I think, it is deservedly possible to call strawberry the queen of summer. Beginnings of summer. It is the most tasty June delicacy.

And to add to this garden delicacy there is a little savor in taste and refinement, it is necessary to decide on preparation of appetizing desserts.

It appears, culinary specialists are professionals and housewives - experimenters of the whole world found a lot of time for creation of the most improbable dishes from strawberry. We will stop on simple recipes.

Strawberry in chocolate Take

dark or white chocolate, large beautiful berries of wild strawberry. Kindle a little chocolate on a water bath and dip into it berries, holding them for a tail. Put to cool down on a tracing-paper, a foil or special paper for pastries.

If to cut a cheesecake on halves and on each of them to draw with the kindled chocolate six points, then at you nice ladybugs who for certain will fascinate your children will turn out.

Strawberry puree Take

a handful of the strawberry which is washed up and dried, crush it a fork or a spoon in a rigid sieve. At the end of this procedure in a sieve there have to be only stones.

A strawberry mimosa

Add several spoons of strawberry puree to your favourite champagne and enjoy.

Strawberry salad (very unusual) This

it is sweet - spicy salad is very nice to the taste, especially in hot weather.

Crush a garlic glove with 1 h l. salts and a large number of the crushed black pepper. Mix properly, place in 1 tablespoon. mayonnaise of 3 tablespoons of strawberry puree, add 4 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 h l. mustard, well mix. Decorate with lettuce leaves.

the Melon to slice strawberry salad and melons thin, to impose with it the strawberry which is laid out by a hill on a dish. To sugar, to water strawberry with whipped cream.

Pleasure pleasant to you from a strawberry delicacy!