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How to mold souvenirs from the salty test?

Quite often, especially before holidays? we for hours go shopping, without knowing what to present to friends. It seems that all variety of gifts is so monotonous. But it is possible to make presents with own hands, and with it we will be helped by such material as to all of us familiar dough. But not simple, but salty dough! From it it is possible to stick together the real works of art: souvenirs, toys, surprising trifles

So, we will start! Measure

in a volumetric glass and pour out flour and salt in a bowl (flour on volume will be 3 times more, than salts as it is easier). Add 1 tablespoon of oil, mix, pour in 150 - 200 grams of water and again disturb. If dough crumbles or spreads, add according to water or torments. Salty dough for a molding has to be very dense and keep a sphere form.

At once clean ready material in a plastic bag. I advise at once to make dough of different flowers. From color to mold more cheerfully, color will wake your imagination, and it considerably will facilitate the subsequent small list on figures.

Pour in 4 jars on 50 grams of water and add to water a brush gouache or a water color. But do not overdo: excess paint is badly absorbed by the test and during the work hands and a table will be painted. Gather still torments, salts and oils in the necessary proportions in a big bowl, mix and spread out weight in small pans. Pour in each tinted water and carefully mix. Dough of different color has to be identical on density!

Spread out dough on bags, you watch that it was open as little as possible. At contact with air on it the salt crust is formed. If it occurred, remove it, otherwise there can be difficulties at a molding of fine details. From the made dough it is possible at once to begin to mold. It can be stored also long time in the refrigerator. If you feel that it began to be softened, add flour and once again mix.

Not to come off a molding, it is possible to prepare in advance: small squares from an oilcloth, a cardboard; a brush and a saucer with water; beads; scaffold; setochka; teaspoon.

It is possible to do of the test everything that it is necessary for soul. There are some examples.

Dog . by

Make a sphere, extend to a bean form. Be defined where the figure will have a nose and where a tail. When be defined, turn a dog a stomach up and paste pads. Trailing, long ears will give it breeding and identity, and the tail will tell about its emotional state. It can be brushed or disheveled. For this purpose it is necessary to put relief strips on wool. When the dog dries, the skin can be painted with specks, strips, separate hairs

the Tiger, a cat and a hare. by

Make a sphere. From it - a cone - carrot. Cut the thin end lengthways scissors. This trunk with the forward pads extended forward. For the head make a ball and put, having moistened with water, on paws. Now make cheeks - at tigers, cats and hares they are located close each other. The nose, eyes, a uvula and moustaches at them almost identical, and differ only with a shape of ears, length of a tail and a coloring. If fine details cannot be made hands, use sharp sticks. It is possible to leave a relief print a setochka.

Leave a ready figure to dry up in the open air. Already in a day it will become covered by a salt crust and will look quite ready, but stare in disbelief: inside it still crude and very fragile. Finally your masterpiece will dry in 1 - 3 weeks. It is possible to dry a figure on the sun, in the winter in the summer - on the battery. If you hurry, it is possible to dry on a frying pan on small fire, without removing from a ring and without covering a frying pan. Or in an oven, but it will be necessary to leave it a little slightly opened that water was evaporated.

The dried-up figure can be painted with gouache. But your small animals are afraid of moisture, and it is better to varnish them. Do not fall into a hysterics if at a figure something fell off, details can be pasted PVA glue!

Mold, dream, create!