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How to sell the old mobile phone?

probably bother sooner or later All the mobile phone. And, it seems, yet not rubbed absolutely is also not buggy. But at the girlfriend (the friend, the neighbor) already brand new Nokia or Motorola. Ah as it looks And what video shoots. Mmm To put it briefly, densely and comfortably the toad sits at our soul.

Simple medicine for it not of a fatal illness - to buy other phone. Not to be stupefied with the sum which should be paid for new phone it is recommended to sell old, and to start up the realized sum on purchase of new. In this case the final price will be quite feasible.

Far better than everything to address more favourably to realize the cloyed unit? There are, at least, five opportunities will get rid of phone: the newspaper of announcements, a bulletin board (on the Internet), the Internet - auctions to change old on new with surcharge or to hand over in commission shop.

To check their efficiency, I decided to try to sell the Nokia 6030. By the way, in very not a bad condition.

For a start, decided to submit the announcement to the newspaper. I visited the website popular with me in the city of the edition (circulation 60 000), accurately filled all fields, put the price in 65 c.u. and began to wait. Business was on Friday, promised me that on Monday my announcement will appear with the fresh newspaper. That`s good.

On the road from work, I glanced in shop with the defiant sign We Change old phones on new . There examined my Nokia and told that if there is a box, documents and original charging, they are ready to give for it 50 dollars (that is to otminusovat this sum from the price of new phone, money do not give out here). Though I also had available documents with a box, I counted the price underestimated and went away.

The Internet - auction became the following stage of my mission. Three options were considered: eBay (the most popular in the world), Hammer. ru (the most abrupt in Russia) and Auction. ua (the leader in Ukraine). The first option disappeared at once, there such troubles with registration that kill any desire. And the prices of similar devices are much lower there.

On the Hammer it is not bad enough, but there was a wish to sell not only more expensively, but also quicker. Therefore I chose the local Auction resource. ua. Took pictures, the beautiful description and exposed for three days with the initial price of 50 c.u. and a mark Only for Ukraine .

Placed also the offer in several bulletin boards. I will tell honestly, a tedious task and as it became clear later, useless. Though, maybe, I used not those boards.

Ah yes, I wanted in commission shop to hand over, however, it did not turn out. The matter is that there accept " phones; under realization that is phone lies there until it is bought moreover and 10% of the realized sum it is necessary to give to shop - it did not suit me.

Well, we will sum up the results. From the newspaper of announcements, I was called only by two times and by an uncertain voice tried to make an appointment in the center. I, of course, agreed. But it did not yield result. Two guys who came to a meeting in every possible way tried to beat down the price, gave 40 dollars, then 45, 50, but did not offer the price necessary to me ($65). On other call, unfortunately, nobody came. And it is a pity for

About the Internet - bulletin boards of result any at all. Any call. Though I will repeat, maybe, used not those boards. But it is wine of Google of da Jandecs through which I also looked for these boards.

But do not think that I did not sell the aged man, on the contrary. And way for which least of all hoped - on the Internet - the Auction auction. ua. In three days of the auction, staked on my phone 4 and the price reached a point of $60, and it honor that I wanted. The seller appeared from Hmelnitsk (the neighboring area). Therefore in two days after the end of auction I sent it a box cash on delivery. So now I have 60 dollars and I have no phone.