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How to attract wealth to the house?

I will not argue with those who say that money should be earned. It is necessary. But if there is an opportunity to receive them without special trudovlozheniye why not to try?

There are many signs which promise to us gold mountains . I, of course, do not promise that it will be millions, but, maybe, to someone will carry even more, than me?

At first a couple of words about long ago settled and time the checked signs, I will just remind for those who, maybe, forgot.

So, it is impossible:

- to put a bag with a purse on a floor;

- to lend money on Tuesdays;

- to give money through a threshold;

- to count money in a moneybox;

- to give alms to beggars from hand to hand.

It is necessary:

- to display notes in a purse accurately straightened;

- to take money the left hand, and to give to right;

- 10% of the income to give on charity;

- to communicate with rich and successful people;

- the nobility that you have always enough money.

As for signs non-standard. It appears, first of all in the house there has to be an order. If in a hall the footwear constantly rolls - money will not be (will escape). Windows in the apartment have to be always pure. In cases of a thing have to be accurately classified.

Learn to rejoice! Having woken up in the morning, smile and imagine what successful day will be today. When you rejoice, you operate circumstances. Money loves people successful, to beech they will not go.

Money is an energy. They like to be in the movement. If you want to receive more money, learn to give them without regret. A boomerang everything to us comes back, the more will give, the more will receive.

I do not know people to whom wealth fell on the head literally this word. But money appears somehow by itself. You get a new position, an unexpected rise to a salary. For example, paid me the thirteenth salary unexpectedly in April (though usually it is paid at the end of December).

Behave as the rich person. If you, for example, want to buy the car, then go on expensive salons in which they are sold, absorb in yourself the atmosphere of wealth, believe that you it are worthy.

Be honest. If you in shop were given delivery more, than it is necessary, return them. It is check you on honesty. In Japan, for example, nobody will lift a purse on the street - very bad sign. You will find money - you will lose something more important. It is better to carry a purse in militia.

Also you remember, the Universe is fine, rich and generous. In it it is enough of everything including for you. It is only necessary to let it know about the desires. How? Formulate the desire, write it on paper better and put in the secluded place. And all. Further you need only - to be responsible one for the acts. Think only of good, do not swear, make only good acts, you treat people as would like that they concerned you. Believe, an award not far off. All of you receive a hundredfold.

What more you will love and to respect yourself, that more to you will attract the same people, with the similar attitude towards you. As they say - friend in court is better than a penny in purse. Our friends - our wealth, isn`t it?

Take care of the own life, the development and health, the children. It too our wealth.

Smile! Laugh! Rejoice! To every day, each new meeting, each happy combination of circumstances. To happy people money flows directly in hands.

Someone will tell, money - not the main thing. It agrees. But there is a wish to eat tasty and properly, beautifully to put on, study on courses, to read books, to travel, create the cozy house, to provide good life to the children. All this is necessary for us, and in our material world not to do without money. And not always they get a hard work. It is important to do favorite thing and every day to do at least one, but a step on the way to the dream. The dream is wealth too.

Good luck, are beautiful, young, happy and rich financially, spiritually and physically.