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How it is correct to equip a bedroom? (A look of the wise Chinese)

there are, of course, different recommendations and councils which treat a healthy sleep, arrangement of a bedroom and its interior. There is clear an importance of all this if we understand the fact that time spent by us in a condition of a dream occupies exactly a third of our life. I want to describe a position the fan this time - Shui concerning a bedroom and a human dream.

If to speak about the Chinese tradition the fan - Shui, then knowledge the fan - Shui - it not only system of ideas of how has to be our life and habitat in it, this whole outlook is arranged. To estimate beauty, it is necessary to possess taste only. And taste does not deceive us when we admire, seeing the fan - Shui in operation. Harmony which we introduce on Wednesday our dwelling turns into harmony in general of our life.

The fan - Shui attaches special significance to a bedroom which is the second for importance after kitchen. I think what is very important when the bedroom causes feeling of security and comfort.

the Bedroom in the house has to settle down as it is possible further from an entrance door. Also important and how the door at it is located. It is undesirable if the door of a bedroom is opposite to an entrance door, such arrangement of a door can cause feeling of subconscious concern and alarm in inhabitants of a bedroom. Also the arrangement of doors of a toilet and a bedroom against each other is not recommended.

Of course, an important role is played by the provision of a bed in a bedroom, it is not recommended to put a bed in the middle of the room, without contact with a wall, in this case there will be no support from outside. Never it is impossible to put a bed opposite to a door and the more so to put so that it was turned by legs to a door. Such arrangement in China is considered deplorable.

From a position the fan - Shui a negative role is played by the bared ceiling beams which a yavlyayutsyaistochnik of negative energy. Influence of a beam can have an adverse effect on health of the person and success.

it is possible to Avoid negative impact of ceiling beams, having applied bamboo tubules, having suspended them to beams. The ideal decision is false ceilings.

The fan - Shui warns against rash use a mirror in a bedroom. It is fine in any other room, but not in a bedroom. The sleeping person should not be reflected in a mirror, such provision of a mirror leads to quarrels and disagreements between inhabitants of a bedroom.

It would be good, having woken up in the morning, to see something good for you, favourite things and objects which cause positive emotions or memoirs.

has to come To a bedroom without obstacles sunshine and light from the street, but at the same time it is necessary to remember undesirability of a direct hit of sunshine on a bed, in this case dense curtains - the solution of your problems.

In the fan - Shui is also special table (it can be made individually, for this purpose it is necessary to contact me on E - mail), which defines the most effective direction (part of the world) for a dream, it individually for each person.

Plays an important role in the fan - Shui a condition of the bed. In a bed where have to be stored bed linen, pillows and a blanket, it is strictly forbidden to store the different books unnecessary a thing which do not have relations to rest and a dream in a bedroom. And also under a bed it is not necessary to interfere with the course of positive energy tsi, and there should not be foreign objects, dust and dirt. It is not recommended to put a bed under windows, even from a position of common sense - it is fraught with catarrhal diseases.

The double bed surely has to have a uniform mattress, otherwise disagreement between spouses can appear. Color of wall-paper or coloring of walls, it is desirable, has to correspond to color of your element.

A position the fan - Shui in relation to flowers in a bedroom - negative if there is a desire to have them in a bedroom, then them it is possible to arrange on a window sill, and during a curtain dream are all the same drawn.

And, eventually, our healthy sleep depends on our way of life, our values, our aspirations in life and our consciousness. If we it is well ponimayem we aspire to the best in life and we want to be improved, then and all our life, and including a dream, will be full of strength also health.