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How to make tasty vinaigrette?

This traditional Russian dish with the French name (from vinaigre - wine vinegar, or very sour wine, and vinaigrette - vinegar, salt and salad oil sauce, or vegetables salad, watered with vinegar) appeared at us in the 19th century. The name of the inventor is hidden somewhere in the depth of history. Since then many various recipes of vinaigrettes are thought up, invariable is an existence in them of beet and sauerkraut.

Vinaigrette in a salad bowl can be placed in the different ways:

1) to lay out a bottom of a salad bowl lettuce leaves, and on them a hill to lay out vinaigrette, to decorate from above with greens;

2) to lay on the middle of a dish a hill part of the mixed and filled vegetables, and around it - separate types of the filled ingredients;

3) is standard - to put the mixed and filled vegetables decorated from above in a salad bowl.

Products for vinaigrette need to be cooled to room temperature. If to connect warm products with cold, salad will very quickly be spoiled.

For vinaigrette it is better to use baked beet - taste will be more saturated.

That vinaigrette turned out more beautiful, the boiled cut beet should be oiled vegetable before connecting to other vegetables.

Vegetable oil should be poured in salad only after salad is salted because salt in oil is not dissolved.

It is not recommended to decorate vinaigrette with beet, - beet will paint products, and salad will look slovenly.

It is noticed also that vinaigrette of subjects is more tasty, than vegetables are cut more small.

Classical vegetable vinaigrette .

It will be required to you: 100 gr. sauerkraut, 50 gr. carrots, 50 gr. beets, 1 pickle, 1 bulb, little green onions, mayonnaise. Small to cut with

the cooked and peeled beet, carrots, and also pickles. To cut onions with rings or half rings, and green onions - small circles. Sauerkraut to wring out

from a brine (if it very sour, then to wash out it previously in cold water).

to Dress the prepared products with mayonnaise or sour cream.

At will it is possible to add fresh or marinated tomatoes.

If you add marinated or salty mushrooms to vegetable vinaigrette, then receive Vinaigrette with mushrooms .

If to add pieces of boiled fish, green peas and cowberry to vegetable vinaigrette, then receive refined and juicy Fish vinaigrette .

It is also possible to add pieces of boiled beef or a low-fat svininka, or a piece of boiled language to classical vinaigrette.

In a word, here to you the place for creativity. And that slightly to hype up your creative beginning, I suggest to taste two more unusual vinaigrettes.

Special vinaigrette.

to you it will be required by

to b: 2 potatoes, 1 carrots, 1 beet, 1 pickle, 1 bulb, 100 gr. sauerkraut, 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, salt and pepper (to taste).

Put in a pan layers the crude potatoes peeled and cut by circles polished beet and carrots. Further pour water in a pan so that potatoes appeared in water, and beet and carrots were steamed. Quickly bring to boiling, you cook 5 - 6 minutes on weak fire, further insist 10 - 15 minutes. Let`s the cooked vegetables cool down, then add to them the cut onions and a pickle, sauerkraut and mix. Salt, pepper, fill with vegetable oil.

It is possible to add pepper, horse-radish, apples, garlic, turnip, corn, sea cabbage, haricot to vinaigrette In a word, anything to your soul.

Vinaigrette with orange.

to you it will be required by

to b: 100 gr. sauerkraut, 50 gr. beets, 1 orange, on 20 gr. nuts and raisin, 1,5 tablespoons. mayonnaise, parsley greens.

Boil beet, cool it and thinly cut, mix it with sauerkraut, the orange (sliced by thin), add raisin and nuts. Dress with mayonnaise, from above strew salad with parsley greens.

Orange in this recipe can be replaced with grapefruit.

Be irresistible in the culinary creativity!