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What is the Internet - the eBay auction?

Are possible, many of you heard about existence of such auction which it is successful, already several years, residents of many countries use. This auction from America conducts the beginning, exactly there it also arose. Having quickly extended and having gained popularity, eBay began to extend also to the European countries.

Except the well-known auction, the eBay company also owns electronic bank PayPal and the internet telephone Skype system.

The website of the well-known auction was for the first time open in San - Jose, the State of California on September 3, 1995, the computer programmer Pierre Omidiar. The broken laser pointer which was sold for 14 was the very first thing which left auction. 83 American dollars. The owner of auction was so struck with the fact that someone bought non-working goods that instantly wrote to the buyer. He took an interest why that needed to buy a thing which is faulty, and received the following answer: And I collect broken laser pointers .

Chris Agarpao was the very first hired worker of auction, and a bit later Jeff Skoll was employed as the president of the company in 1996. In November, 1996 auction begins cooperation with aircraft company selling air tickets and other goods for travel. Officially the company changed the name with AuctionWeb to eBay in September, 1997. As for so interesting name, eBay, initially the owner of auction wanted to buy the domain with the name EchoBay. com, but, it turned out that this name was already taken to itself by other company therefore it decided it to reduce a little and from the word echo there was only a letter E. And the official address of auction became www. ebay. com.

By 1998 the company gained huge popularity and made its owner and the president billionaires. In October, 2002 the company acquires electronic bank PayPal. At the eBay auctions millions of goods for a collecting, the technician, furniture, cars, costume jewelry, and many other things daily are on sale. At auction it is possible to sell any goods if these goods legal and do not break the contract published by the company about what is legal and that is not present.

The eBay auction of the different countries makes the bargaining according to currency of each country. In England it is pounds, in the European countries - euro, in Scandinavian - kroner etc. One of conveniences which can use at this auction is instant transaction of money through PayPal. Why it is so convenient? Yes the matter is that at transfer of money in this system, money instantly appears on the account at the recipient, it is not important whether output it is day or dead of night that, it is impossible to make if to pay off through usual bank, for the weekend there are no transactions, and in the working days transaction can take several days.

Probably, many heard that at the eBay auctions it is possible to acquire very cheap goods which are much cheaper than store. Why so? And everything is simple: owners of electronic shops should not pay a huge tax for a tenancy, from - for this of a tax usually in shops the prices of goods, at auction a tax rather small are wound. However, and there is the list of taxes: it is a tax for submission of the announcement of sale, and also a tax on sale of goods, the last entirely depends on the sum for which the goods were sold.

How to use auction? For a start should be registered by

. Auctions of some countries for registration demand to write a credit card number, these excess precautions allow to find easily dishonest people who want to be enriched quickly and easily at the expense of trustful buyers. After registration it is possible to publish the announcements of sale at once, and also to buy goods most.

Some sellers provide an insurance on the goods. At the same time, if the goods sent to the buyer did not reach it, the buyer in whole or in part receives the lost money, thanks to such insurance. If purchase is made by the resident of the same country in which there is also a seller, then the goods come by mail, as a rule, already next day.

Here such convenient this eBay auction, finally, there is a wish to hope that soon it will extend to many other countries, and Russia, including.