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How to use cosmetics at contact lenses?

As a rule, ophthalmologists at first of carrying contact lenses recommend to avoid decorative cosmetics. Further, of course, you will be able to use it, observing some recommendations. I will give the main of them.

Do not forget to disinfect carefully lenses and to wash hands before touching lenses. At the choice of soap it is better to avoid production with oil and fragrances.

Put on lenses before , than to put cosmetics. Do not allow hit of cosmetics on a lens surface. In the course of a make-up of an eye paint in the last turn.

Remove lenses before removal of a make-up, or if you use lenses of continuous carrying, densely close eyes and remove cosmetics. For removal of cosmetics it is better to choose means on a water basis. After removal of cosmetics carefully wash away all its traces water.

Choose those cosmetics on which it is specified hypoallergenic and which do not contain preservatives and fragrances.

Choose waterproof mascara, sensitive eye and eye mascara with contact lenses. Each three months replace ink to avoid a bacterial infection. It is not recommended to comb the made-up eyelashes, - lumps of ink can be showered and get under a lens, and you should wash out it once again. Ink is recommended to be applied with two thin layers: at first to paint eyelashes on once, to allow it to dry up, and then, - on the second. Thus, the risk of emergence of the big lumps seeking to get into your eye will be minimum.

Do not use liquid eyeliners, the soft pencil is more preferable to eyes. An eyeliner you put for the line of eyelashes. Replace an eyeliner each 6 months.

It is better for eye shadow to buy dry. It is impossible to use nacreous, opaque, brilliant shadows, - they contain the substances forming on rust spot lenses. It is recommended to put them with porolonovy applicators, in this hard work it is better to refuse Q-tips and brushes.

Use those moisturizing creams which do not contain oils. Oil can get on a lens surface, and to you, most likely, it is necessary to throw out them. There are, of course, strong clearing means for lenses, but also they are not omnipotent.

Hairsprays, spirits, deodorants it is better to use to how you put on lenses. If you for any reasons cannot make it, - densely close eyes before dispersion of means and, having applied it, recede aside to leave the sprayed cloud, and only then open eyes. Avoid in shops of perfumery departments, - as a rule, about them numerous perfumery means are sprayed, and you will feel them eyes at once. If all of you visit such departments, try that you had an opportunity soon to wash out lenses.

Thus, carrying contact lenses broadens horizons (in comparison with points) on the one hand, and with another - imposes some restrictions. However all above-mentioned councils are not so bulky as can seem at first sight, and their performance is not too tiresome and labor-consuming. It is all about a habit.

I wish you pleasant reading of article with advantage for myself!