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Whether it is easy to be the timeserver?

B absolutely still recent Soviet period the word the timeserver were used only in pejorative or abusive form! Not so strongly the situation and now changed. Even now, when I type this text, the computer emphasizes this word, saying that it carries pronounced expressional, negative coloring. What such terrible or so negatively bad in this phenomenon? Strangely enough, anything!

Throughout all history the mankind sought to adapt. To adapt to world around, to the nature, to society. Besides, one of the leading doctrines which are adopted dialectic materialism regards a prisposablivayemost as of paramount importance. Ability to adapt to environment protects animals from extinction. Who adapted, that survived, and who is not present - that, sorry, not! Of course, this Darwinism with its artificial and natural selection. What is selection - it is elimination of those who are not able to adapt.

And now answer me - whether it is so bad to be able to adapt? Or the person so strongly differs from other living beings what his already these laws do not concern?

We live in the world which does not stand still. It changes so promptly that sometimes, waking up in the morning, you feel that it is not that country, not that world in which still yesterday we fell asleep any more. Metamorphoses, metamorphoses and metamorphoses. And if the person is not able to change together with the world surrounding him, then it will be crushed under wheels of this world. Under history " wheels; if you want. Choose what it is better - to adapt or be crushed?

But not all agree with changes. Another, on the contrary, apparently, that world too static, unchangeable. Both that and others try to resist the movement of history, to destroy the existing order of things. They try to construct something the best, something more acceptable for themselves and as they often think, for others, forgetting that the present quite arranges those others. They, others, already managed to adapt. Besides, watching these reformers, they open for themselves new, more perfect ways for adaptation in the changing circumstances. And fighters? And what fighters? - thank them for their care and diligence. Honor to them and praise! We are proud that they were among us!

Of course, very effectively to look the fighter. The himself who is ready to offer himself for the sake of the light purpose. To become the hero. But look - whether bones of heroes covered the road to that bright future? But peer better - who goes along that road? On it there are those timeservers, those who did not hurry to set up themselves under a history wheel, those who abided time not to break the closed door, and to enter already slightly opened. At the same time they are not always incited against reformers!

Those who managed to adapt to the changing circumstances, remained are whole after all everyday storms and adversities. The one who is called the timeserver uses fruits of changes. At all not the one who provided these changes it for it did not have enough patience. In the people not for nothing spoke - drop hollows out a stone !

The most interesting that all in soul well understand it. In total or consciously, or intuitively it is felt, but behave all the same differently. Just a boiling point at all different. The power is different.

If to consider notorious revolutionary situation or just the situation demanding changes from the point of view of power. That it would be possible to formulate it and so:

the Situation will remain at rest until energy of the people ready to changes and able and wishing to make these changes, does not become more, than energy of the people ready to adapt to the existing circumstances.

Timeservers in this case are the constraining force. By that force which is capable to direct energy prisposobitel to the peace course. It is possible to tell that they are one of driving forces of history, without them reformers would be ready only to destruction. At them they are capable to creation. To creation new, to creation of new conditions. Including new conditions to a prisposablivayemost.

Really and after that someone will tell that ability to adapt - it is bad? This ability interferes with destruction which would happen, be not in the world of timeservers!

One is only unpleasant - being a timeserver, adapting to the existing circumstances, fall below and below in the development