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Who will be brought by a stork: boy or girl?

One of the most widespread questions which is asked pregnant women, for whom do you wait? or whom do you want more? . Some future parents, of course, have special desires. For example, men dream of the successor and respectively a reproduction. The woman wants the beauty - the daughter who can spin braids, to tie bows, to dress as a doll

In spite of the fact that the most important for mother and the father is the birth of the healthy kid, all - there are in our life such situations when the question concerning a sex of future child up to the birth haunts parents.

There is a set of the facts and even scientific theories which explain birth of the boy or girl. With something it is possible to argue, with others - not to agree, and the third will not prevent to note

It is known that a leading role in the one who at you will be born, play man`s spermatozoa. The spermatozoon and an ovum bear in themselves a half set of chromosomes. If the ovum is always the carrier X - a sexual chromosome, then the spermatozoon can carry in itself X - or Y - a chromosome. If it appears the carrier of the first, the girl turns out if the second - the boy. So, dear men, responsibility in this hard business entirely lies only on you. Therefore chagrin and offenses that instead of future football player future bride who will flutter out from a parental nest sooner or later will be born, are not proved at all. If to you so essentially, then take this information note and try to realize all the desires

one more small secret, differently - circulating in the people " Is; magic formula :

49 - X + 1 + At + 3 =

Here X - how many years to the man, At - month of hit. Result: the even number - will be born the boy, odd - the girl will appear. I do not know how just the same formula defines a sex of future child, but if there is a strong wish, then it is possible to try and count. Who knows, suddenly will carry

Long since as in the people was considered that, expecting the son, mummy gets prettier, and at that that in a tummy the daughter, on the contrary, appear puffiness, pigmentation, a nose and cheekbones are pointed at a face. Scientists explain similar changes with the competition of sex hormones, but the consensus in this respect, unfortunately, does not exist. In my opinion, the woman who carries under heart of the desired kid always looks especially: it shines with happiness, her eyes shine, the smile strikes with the appeal, and similar beauty will not be compared to anything.

Also there are national signs which in a shape of a stomach help to know a sex of the child, without resorting to ultrasonography. If stomach cucumber - you will have a boy, round says that the girl will be born. Though doctors say that it no more than an invention. According to them, the logic is only that if future kid - the girl, then in an organism of mother there has to be more estrogen, female sex hormones, and more smoothed waist and more flattened stomach are a consequence of their influence.

As the researcher Kupriyanova I. K. writes . , ancient Egyptians believed that conception which happened in a full moon promotes birth of the boy. And Sicilian doctor Ampedokl (the 4th century BC) recommended to the women wishing to have the daughter, to enter intimacy right after periods . Meanwhile, modern physicians advise : if you want the daughter, then the sexual intercourse has to happen not later, than in 3 days prior to ovulation term. If you dream of the son, then within a week before an ovulation abstention is recommended, and the sexual intercourse needs to be had in a day or directly in day of an ovulation.

There is also other theory , her author - the sexopathologist Zharkov Yu. according to which the sex of future child is influenced by intensity of man`s sex life . In other words, the sex of the kid depends on that, how often you have sex. If you dream of the boy, sex should have more often if you dream of the little girl - more rare. I think, such recommendations especially will please future daddies. Dare, dear men!

And, at last, one more theory to which the French scientists adhere . Her supporters speak a diet of pregnant women. It is considered that most of mummies who bore boys was used by products with the high content of potassium and low - calcium. Mothers of girls, on the contrary, preferred to regale on the products rich with calcium.

In life often women tell the following: those who gave birth to the son during pregnancy terribly wanted so-called serious food, for example, meat. Those who bore the daughter constantly needed sweets, desserts, ice cream. One woman even admitted that once late at night she very much wanted some gingerbreads with condensed milk. Also a wish arose so that had no time for jokes. Nothing remained to future daddy how to rise from a sofa and to run in the next shop. The benefit and gingerbreads, and condensed milk were. Happy mummy, grabbed a paper bag, ate one gingerbread, having dunked it into condensed milk, and understood that it is more already and there is no wish. The poor father had to eat up gingerbreads within a week, mummy did not want condensed milk any more Remains to

, friends to add that all these statements can be adopted, but blindly they should not be trusted nevertheless. Eventually, what difference who at you will be born the shkodny boy or the modest woman - the little girl, the main thing that the child was desired, was born healthy, grew in a happy family!

Let in a window of your family nest the stork will be knocked and will bring to you happiness lump and fruit of big love !!!