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Why to be on friendly terms with green doctors? Our organism lacks

With approach of spring especially vitamins. To buy expensive in a drugstore not only boringly and it is unprofitable, but also there is no need. If to stock up bouquet fresh greens and to make it one of the main components of the diet, in several days you will notice, to be exact will feel, impressive results

the Nature presented us the impressive range of useful cultures. You need only to get acquainted with portrait and to choose each green Aesculapian suitable on the taste.

1. the Doctor by name FENNEL is famous for vitamins C, V1, V2, VZ, pro-vitamin A. Essential oils eliminate gastric gripes and restore an intestines vermicular movement.

Young plants use in a fresh, dried or tinned look as irreplaceable seasoning to numerous meat, vegetable, fish dishes, soups and salads. Mature plants and seeds use as spices at conservation of vegetables and mushrooms, in the food, baking, pharmacological industry.

Rice salatik with fennel.

to Boil a glass of rice. To squeeze out couple of garlic gloves. A bunch of fennel to wash up and chop. By means of the blender to crush fennel and garlic, to add 2 - 3 tablespoons of low-calorie mayonnaise or low-fat sour cream. The received mix to salt, pepper and mix with rice.

2. Leaves and the healer`s root crops - of PARSLEY are rich with fat and essential oils which stimulate appetite and well affect digestion, and also vitamins (especially ascorbic acid and carotene). In addition parsley contains sugar and nitrogenous substances.

Leaves and roots of parsley use in a fresh or dried look as seasoning to soups and garnishes, leaves use in preparation of salads and meat dishes.

Salatik from cottage cheese and parsley.

to Squeeze out a garlic glove. To pass a bunch of parsley via the meat grinder. To pound the received mashed potatoes to homogeneous mass. To add 200 - 300 of cottage cheese and it is a little oil (sunflower or olive). To salt, fill salad with black pepper and a lemon dried peel.

3. SPINACH - a well of vitamins A, B1, C, PP, K, E.

It perfectly brings slags out of an organism and clears vessels. Escapes of spinach use in a fresh, stewed, dried and tinned look. From it cook salads, soups, Russian cabbage soup, mashed potatoes, sauces, garnishes and juice.

Salatik from spinach with champignons.

Champignons (200 - 300) and a head of onions to crush and fry on vegetable oil. 200 g of spinach small to cut, mix with mushrooms. To fill salad with vegetable oil, to salt and pepper.

4. the Characteristic smell of the CELERY is caused by high content in it essential oils. Leaves and root crops are vitamin-rich C, A, B1, B2, PP and mineral salts of calcium and phosphorus. It strengthens nervous system and increases working capacity.

The celery is used as seasoning to soups, garnishes, sauces, in salads as spice at a pickles and pickling of vegetables and preparation of canned meat. Besides, in food the fresh, salted or dried leaves and scapes, and also the fresh, boiled, fried, stewed, stuffed and dried root crops are suitable.

Salatik from a celery with pineapples.

of 200 g of scapes of a celery to wash up and crush. To cut a jar of tinned pineapples in small cubes and to add to a celery. To dress with mayonnaise. To taste to add walnut nutlets.

5. leaves of the SORREL contain apple, lemon and oxalic acids, vitamins A, C, B1, B2, PP. The sorrel improves digestion, strengthens gums and clears intestines. Eat radical and rozetochny leaves of a sorrel. From them cook green Russian cabbage soup, do stuffings for pies, prepare for the winter.

Salatik from a sorrel and apples. to wash up

of 200 g of a sorrel and to chop small. 2 - 3 apples to clear, remove a core, to rub on a large grater and to mix with a sorrel. To add 1 head of small cut onions and grated garlic. To fill salad with sour cream.

6. its majesty - ONIONS play an important role in food of the person. The norm of consumption makes 8 - 10 kilograms a year. Essential oils which contain in green onions possess antimicrobic action. Pectinaceous substances favorably influence digestion.

use it in a fresh, boiled, fried look as independently, and as seasoning to fish, meat, vegetable dishes, okroshkas, soups, garnishes

Salatik from eggs and green onions. 3 - 4 eggs hard-boiled to slice

small. A bunch of green onions and a stalk of green garlic small to cut, sprinkle apple cider vinegar, to salt, mix with eggs. To fill salad with vegetable oil.

As you can see, friends, it is not necessary to convince you of advantage of greens once again. The offered recipes are extremely simple, and, above all - are useful. Of course, to feed the man with one of similar salads from grasses hardly, I am afraid that it will remain hungry. But I am sure by that who wants to be vigorous and healthy, they will be to the taste. All the rest I recommend to use greens to a vprikusk and always to hold it in kitchen.

Health to you and spring mood!