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What is an ampersand and where it is used?

Name ampersand appeared thanks to expression simplification and per se and ( union and per se). All know that a " symbol; & is called an ampersand and is the sign replacing the " union; and . But also it is graphic reduction of the et union, and earlier this sign was used for record of expression et cetera (Latin of and so on , now etc usually write.) This sign is used practically in all European languages, and at the beginning of the 19th century it even took the place in the English alphabet.

The founder of shorthand, the secretary, the slave and Cicero Tiron`s friend thought up this sign. Where the ampersand is used today?

In names the companies, trademarks, designating the " union; and . It is said as and and or just falls.

For example, Procter &Gamble - prokter and gembl

Work & Salary - work and salary

L &M - el em .

In the Excel program. It is used in formulas of cells for association of text lines. Be attentive, Excel uses an ampersand as a code element. To print an ampersand, for example, in a headline, it is necessary to use a sign & & (a double ampersand).

In mathematics the sign also means logical and (conjunction, association).

References - mnemonic. In html - documents by means of an ampersand special symbols and symbols from the expanded code table which cannot be entered from the keyboard register.

For example,

the Sign of copyright - & #169; or & copy;

the Registered brand - & #174; or & reg;

Degrees - & #176; or & deg;

Pay attention that a semicolon - an obligatory element & - sequences, and actually it is necessary to write without gap after an ampersand .

In search engines. For example, in Yandex if to connect two required words an ampersand, then the search engine will display those pages on which required words are in limits of one offer. If you are interested just a mere verbiage in the document at any distance removed from each other and in any order, then the sign of a double ampersand is used. In other searchers this sign is used as logical and .

is Very often used in programming languages, in hyperlinks, in AT - teams which the modem answers.

The sign can also be used also instead of a sign @ when sending the SMS - messages from the cell phone on e-mail (when using the NTK network).