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What it is better - the electronic or usual letter? Present

for a moment that your loved one leaves far, and you will meet it at a distant day. But modern development of humanity provides a set of ways to communicate and keep in contact. Besides phone, there are also letters. Usual post and electronic. What it is better?

Well if you and at your potential addressee have near at hand no Internet, then and the question disappears by itself. But if such opportunity is? Of course, e-mail much more conveniently and quicker, but as it is pleasant to hold the pages written by the person dear to you in hand.

Elektronnost letters it, undoubtedly, new level of communication. But after speed some pluses of post letters are lost. 90% of electronic mail services do not give the chance to express the I in the choice of paper, color and handwriting. Only the few, and that is quite recently, provided to the user the huge choice " papers; - background, color of letters and fonts. But nevertheless Personally to me it is pleasant to

to receive letters in a usual mailbox, it is pleasant to hold a usual envelope in hand. And it is even sometimes pleasant that on its transfer time was required. Not always speed - it is good.

All - something is lost in e-mails art of writing of letters is lost The signature is added automatically not enough scope for identity not enough place as a hobby.

No, the soul, of course, is, but nevertheless character set on the keyboard and the letter by hand are different things. And power at them another. Professionals psychologists can determine by handwriting not only mood of the person at the time of writing, but also internal problems, can make a psychological image of the person .

There was the whole etiquette on writing of letters earlier . Depending on the status and position of the addressee, a reason for the letter and personal human relations. Incorrectly picked up address or even paper could spoil strongly the addressee`s attitude towards the author of the letter and draw a conclusion on ignorance of the last. Agree, such subtleties are lost at the e-mail and culture of the letter in general. You can compare how letters were written by our parents and grandmothers, and how it becomes now. Not to mention that it is impossible to compare modern samples of an epistolary genre to that Alexander Pushkin`s times in general.

Now at most that becomes, so it rules of business etiquette in business letters are studied. And that is it now is minimum. Big liberties and simplifications in electronic business correspondence between partners in business are allowed. And post letters are limited to delivery of originals of contracts with the help of the courier.

Sad the fact that people, wishing to accelerate process, lose also the addressee of such pleasant trifles what can be reached only by personally written letter. Race behind speed does not allow us to stop and make a breath a full breast. Our ancestors, living in this world much less the average modern inhabitant of the planet Earth, had much more free time, than we. Surprisingly all this. We run as though on a vicious circle.

And you remember how earlier children wrote letters with the whole classes to children from sister republics? And then still for many years corresponded, held communication. And in fact, that connected them? Only letters. Also came to each other on a visit, and then were on friendly terms families. And now you will respond to the letter from the stranger from other country which the mail carrier lowered in your mailbox? Most likely, you will think that or silly draw or it is swindlers. Generally, it is unlikely you will answer. And it is a pity.

Write letters each other! Remember the old girlfriend of the childhood who went to live to other country! Find time first of all for yourself!