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What is the hara-kiri and seppuku? Who knows

where there is a soul? In heels? At Japanese, for example, it is in a stomach. The word of a hara-kiri is literally translated as to cut a stomach , but hieroglyph hara the words " also register; soul intention secret sense .

of the Hara-kiri is not banal, but ritual suicide. Long since only the real Samurai experiencing contempt for death and protecting the honor and advantage, the views, thoughts and judgments could make to himself a hara-kiri. Then already in the period of Edo after by a hara-kiri it was created as a worthy way of death, its steel even to apply as punishment for the committed crime.

In what the hara-kiri differs from seppuku? to

The matter is that in Japanese both of these words register the same hieroglyphs, but in a different order, are read differently, and here are translated into Russian equally. Without going into details about emergence of hieroglyphs and a difference between the Chinese and Japanese writing, I will note only that hieroglyphs which to Japanese came from Chinese have two readings - one Chinese, one Japanese. As a result it turns out that seppuku is the Chinese reading hieroglyphs, and a hara-kiri - the Japanese reading the same hieroglyphs.

But not everything is so simple. As for reading hara-kiri in the Japanese literature it is used very seldom and only in that case when want to note that someone just committed suicide, having disemboweled itself. And Europeans most often use it only because it is more harmonious. Something " type; " sushi;. None of Japanese ever so will tell because it is correct to speak " sushi;.

A request of people impressionable and with weak nervous system not to read further not to experience negative emotions.

In the code busido (the code of behavior of the Samurai) it is specified by i that seppuku is a ritual suicide which is the most worthy type of death, and made by the Samurai ideally (i.e. in due form). And governed here much.

In - the first, the real ritual seppuku could be used in the form of execution of the Samurai which consisted in beheading by order of, but not vsparyvaniya of a stomach independently.

In - the second, seppuku is a ritual which allows to show purity of the thoughts and intentions that acquits the Samurai before the sky and people. For example, the Samurai during military operations lost the owner, then having made himself seppuku, he shows that did not rescue it not from - for cowardice that did not betray it and dies, following the owner.

In - the third, was of very great importance and a way of a vsparyvaniye of a stomach, both the weapon, and position of a body. Usually it was made sitting, having lowered the top part of a kimono to knees that prevented shameful falling of a body back.

Trained in knowledge of the weapon and a noble way of death of Samurais since the childhood at schools. I will not tell about ways of children`s suicide for humanity reasons, and I will only mention female that they needed not to cut a stomach, and to stick to myself a dagger into heart or just to cut to myself a throat, at the same time they tied to themselves legs to accept death in chaste situation.

The woman was obliged to commit suicide in case of death of the husband or violation of the word pledged to the husband. At the same time it was necessary to use a dagger which the husband presented in the wedding day or the father on the date of majority.

Since 1968 commission of a ceremony of a hara-kiri the law is forbidden, but informally similar cases still meet.

For example, the Olympic champion in judo Inokuma decided to leave life for the reason that the company which he directed incurred losses.

During World War II there were whole groups of pilots - suicide bombers who were called by kamikazes (in translation into Russian means divine " wind;) they samounichtozhatsya for the sake of the Homeland. And this fact still in Japan is considered valor manifestation.

Among Europeans suicide is considered a sin, and for Japanese all life for the sake of death. They consider that the main thing - is beautiful to die. And having woken up in the morning, the Japanese thinks of death and every day tries to live as the last.

There is such subject. Take care and remember that from any, even the most desperate situation the way out will always be found.