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Why it is difficult to understand female logic?

O to it like to talk, to gossip for a while at a leisure in house calm or in the companies on picnics. Nobody avoids this subject. It under constant sight philosophers, poets, composers. Even frequenters pothouses - and those wish to reflect on this subject. Speak much and constantly. And things are right where they started . What is it - female logic ? And why female ? What, unless at men it is absent? Of course, no. But that is why - that female the logic summons such fixed attention. Why?

With mine man`s belltower - there is no secret. Concept female logic arose while at society all resources this logic ran low to understand. The matter is that the female logic, per se which would summon so close attention in the nature simply does not exist. It invention the desperate representatives of a man`s half of mankind.

Though, let representatives of a fine half do not take offense, at men the inner world is much richer, brighter and more various. Representatives man`s group significantly filled up a spiritual gene pool of society with the most outstanding and extraordinary personalities among composers, writers and poets, philosophers and global geniuses. They are real carriers of such volume of emotional loading that to female mentality it simply not on a shoulder. And there comes the turn magic HO . Yes, yes. About female logic.

Only not about it, actually, there has to be a conversation, and about the Woman. And if to be even more precisely, then about an essence of the nature its own I . Here where the most interesting and unique information equally opening not only the Woman`s nature is concealed, but also, be not surprised, the Man`s nature.

If someone tries to comprehend logically its acts, then on the first bend will hurt to itself a forehead. And so, on what we most often focus the attention? On its acts. We try to see logical sequence in female behavior. Sometimes we find. But it is enough - quite often it is necessary to go astray . We lose a logical thread in behavior of the woman. Then, having waved a hand, we say the phrase with relief: Who will understand these women? They have the logic! For me it designates only one: the flag of truce is hung out only from powerlessness.

Many believe that female logic distinguishes lack of a core of the logic. Meanwhile, this extremely wrong opinion. Female logic it is difficult to see? Yes. But it by all means is present. Where or in what? In natural mission of the Woman. As the main information layer in which both the man`s, and female BEGINNINGS are formed exactly here settles down.

The person who is on the highest level of spiritual development is capable to realize these borders of human mentality. It is very important. As only in this case it is possible to see the most real portrait of the person. Another thing is that not everyone will want to look at it. But it depends, first of all, on moral education of the person.

In aspiration to understand an essence female logic it is in passing possible to see also integral scale of female philosophy. What motive in this search has to be rod? It is thought that the person is by all means born for happiness. To make happy someone - ungrateful destiny. Become them, voluntarily and without any violence from the outside. Everyone has to do it for itself(himself).

If the treasured footpath does not open to the person, he means still did not ripen for this purpose. In the nature everything occurs naturally, and all surgical interventions from the outside are rejected by it. It is a pity that we often forget these common truths.