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Whether it is easy to earn money at the exchange, or FOREX: How soon I will become a millionaire?

in Russia are under construction For a long time the myth that each comer to the broker of people, having completed monthly courses and having paid 150 dollars for training not later than in a week begins to drive the car with the personal driver, to have supper only at expensive restaurants and will be not less stilen, than Tom Cruise.

Unfortunately, it is the illusion created by broker offices and the dealing centers. I work at the exchange more than two years, during this time I got acquainted with such quantity of economic literature that teachers at my own institute are even afraid to argue with me. I am a good exchange trader, and hardly anyone will be able to argue with it.

Today I am quite often asked about how to earn money at the exchange. And the first that I do - I dissuade. If to lower part how it is difficult not to sleep for three days as it is unpleasant to wake up through everyone half an hour to check quotations and as a lot of effort you should put to learn what in general occurs Better I will share with you the facts.

One American university conducted research among exchange players. By the way, broker offices still hate the person who conceived this research. The result was is as follows: of 100% of the interrogated only 3% constantly earn money. All other 97% constantly lose.

Once I decided to visit a free seminar of the " company; Forex " club;. I long could not believe that I was considered for such lop-eared fool! On the statement of my neighbor But if someone earns, so someone loses the leader hung the head and, having lifted began to draw Elliot`s wave, having drawn, he began to show that the market moves both up and down, so, the one who lost above will earn below. After that I promised myself that I will never attend seminars from the dealing centers.

The matter is that the broker all the same, will be lost by you or you will win, he draws interest from your transactions which is called spread . And you, having come to the market, you will have to fight against millions of traders for your and their money. You will be resisted by the clever and skilled opponent.

In the market it is simpler to earn money, than to hold them. And it is the truth. Of course, the broker will not tell you about it. He will tell you that the trade system is necessary (the arch of the principles and rules by which you will open and close transactions), will even suggest to buy you the book with a set of the operating trade systems. But exactly here the dog is also buried. In shops one thousand books how to make money at the exchange are on sale, and do not doubt that they were read by all traders to uniform. On the Internet millions of indicators and trade systems which will load with money you are on sale.

But if someone knows a secret of earnings of money why to it to share it with you?

There is no need. - It is the universal truth. If he knew, he would earn, but did not write the book.

There is such saying Who is able - does, who is not able - teaches . Therefore be very careful, coming to broker office.

But it does not mean that it is impossible to earn money from the foreign exchange market of Forex. It is possible, and it is a lot of. Only you need to be cleverer than 97% of exchange players. You should work hard, to worry and not to sleep much. And if you get to these three treasured percent, then will become the trader happy and happy with. And if not, then you will hardly be able to leave dream of easy and fast enrichment which actually easier, than dragging of cross ties in hot summer day.

The only council which I can give to the person who dared to step into a heavy way of the exchange trader, - to nothing and nobody to trust, to nobody except itself.

Good luck and progress, also believe me, they will be useful to you!